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Last updated: November 03, 2008

Marco Pelusi Colors Stacy Keibler for Maxim Magazine

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Marco Pelusi Colors Stacy Keibler for Maxim Magazine

Stacy Keibler used to perform death grips and round-house kicks for the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) before she got her stardom on Dancing with the Stars.  Now, she’s one of the most sought out starlets to grace the covers of men’s magazines like Maxim and Stuff.  To save himself from being body-slammed, Marco Pelusi colored up Keibler for her cover shoot with Maxim magazine. “Stacy Keibler loves a natural yet glamorous look to her gorgeous blonde tresses, and we needed to ‘spice’ them up for her November Maxim cover shoot,” said Pelusi.


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    “Stacy’s base color is a light level 6 brown,” said Pelusi. “Rather than apply an all-over blonde formula on her scalp, I opted to weave several shades of highlights and lowlights through Stacy’s hair.  Many times, we’ve performed lowlights to soften her color – but this time, it was
    all about a ‘pop’ – and therefore it was strictly highlights.” 

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    Formulas and Technique:
    Marco used Joico Vero K-Pak Color for the following:

    Starting in the nape of the neck, in foils, Marco alternated a high lift natural (with 40 volume developer) with a lightener (with 20 volume) in fine slices, approx. 1/4 in. apart.  Then he immediately went to the crown area and continued with the same formulas through to the fringe.

    At the fringe, Marco left out very little hair from the foils, and also left out the high lift, only to use the lightener, for maximum lift and brightness in this area.

    Next, execute slices radially (working from the round of the head) along the sides of the head.  In this area, in the interest of even timing and lift, alternate again with the high lift formula, but replace the lightener with a fresh batch mixed with 30 volume. 

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    “As you can see in Stacy’s fabulous cover shot, she looked blonder than ever while still
    maintaining a ‘natural’ look, “said Pelusi.  “Her color really ‘pops’ off the page!”