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Last updated: June 07, 2024

@gabrielsamra’s Signature Balayage: Foiling Hacks & “Teasing” Formula

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Photo credit: Instagram via @gabrielsamra

@gabrielsamra’s Surfer-Girl Balayage: Teasing & Foiling Techniques

Nothing says vibrant, sexy, bleach blonde hair quite like a TRUSS Professional Global Ambassador Gabriel Samra (@gabrielsamra) creation. We hosted Gabriel on TikTok Live so he could share his fast, go-to foiling technique and “teasing formula” for his iconic balayage. 


Photo credit: Instagram via @gabrielsamra


Tip #1: Build Seamless Dimension With This Teasing Formula

Creating a beachy, effortless-looking balayage will require precise foiling—and a lot of intentional teasing. Don’t get hung up on how “hand painted” this balayage looks, the REAL technique hides inside the root and teasing pattern.


Use this head diagram for teasing placement:

  • Each number below represents a percentage of length away from the scalp.
  • Example: 75 signifies the comb will be inserted 75 percent of the way down the hair shaft from the root.
  • Once the comb is at the proper percentage point, use a light hand to push the hair towards the root, teasing no more than two passes.
  • Be precise about the teasing placement and maintain even tension through each section.
  • Once all foils are placed, you have created an internal pocket of depth from the descending teasing points.


Photo credit: Gabriel Samra


Tip #2: Soft Hairline Tips to Contour Your Client’s Face 

“We have to remember, the contour around the head HAS TO connect to the face as well,” Gabriel shared on TikTok Live. To avoid a stark hairline (or, avoid a money piece for a softer look) follow Gabriel’s tease guide and tips below. 


Try these quick foiling suggestions:

  • The foil closet to the face follows Gabriel’s 25 percent teasing formula. However, if you need a little hairline insurance, you can leave a micro slice out at the front of the hairline before foiling the first section.
  • The first two foils can also handle a zig-zag parting! This will allow for a softer grow-out and give compromised hair a chance to breathe.
  • Finally, adjust your developer per your client’s hair integrity. Gabriel recommends using TRUSS Professional air.libre Bleaching Powder with TRUSS Professional 10-volume Cream Developer for the first two foils (25 and 50 on the chart) and bump up to 15-volume (indicated as 75 and 95 below).



Stock up on Gabriel’s go-to powder lightener & browse more products to swap into your backbar here!


Tip #3: Why You Don’t Want to Add Dimension After Foiling

The sections are teased, the foils are painted—now, it’s time to move onto dimension except, you already did it! An easy mistake to ruin a beachy look is going back in between foils to add dimension.


The teasing formula took care of the internal dimension, including your shadow root (thanks to Gabriel’s “teasing percentage” hack). HOWEVER, depending on your client’s hair type, the “overflow” of tease at the root can spread across overall section lines. Don’t let this deter you from sticking to the formula!


Here’s why: 

The green highlighted sections below show where the tease will live at the root in the back sections. This purposeful cushion creates a T-shape pattern that will extend across either side of the head while curving along the occipital bone. This is all you need! Adding more dimension once rinsed will exaggerate foil lines and erase any natural-looking dimension created through teasing.



Tip #4: Gabriel’s Go-To Product For A Viral-Worthy Finishing Step

We were lucky enough to unbox TRUSS Professional Illuminatte Oil with Gabriel, so we won’t make you wait for the reveal. 


Pro Tip: “NEVER apply oil on wet hair,” Gabriel warns. “You have to apply it to dry hair, or else you’re scorching the product into the hair’s cuticle with your blow dryer.”


Photo credit: Instagram via @gabrielsamra


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