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Last updated: May 31, 2017

How-To: Vivid Color Blocking

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How-To: Vivid Color Blocking

Bright, bold fashion colors are on the rise, and now there is a trick to achieving color next to color without the fear of transfer—new PRAVANA ChromaSilk VIVIDS Locked-In. These vibrant shades stay put, allowing your client’s color to shine with intensity. Here, Locked-In shades are stacked from roots to ends for a bright, geometric rainbow effect.  Here’s how it’s done!

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    PRAVANA Color Formulas
    Formula A: Locked-In Purple
    Formula B: Locked-In Pink
    Formula C: Locked-In Blue
    Formula D: Locked-In Yellow
    Formula E (custom Locked-In Orange): 1 part Locked-In Red + 2 parts Locked-In Yellow
    Formula F (custom Locked-In Seafoam Green): 2 parts Locked-In Teal + 1 part Locked-In Yellow + 1 part VIVIDS Clear

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    Prelighten hair to a Level 9 using Pure Light Power Lightener with preferred choice of developer. Pure Light Power Lightener’s micro-encapsulated, time-released lightening beads ensure even and gentle processing for 7+ levels of lift. 

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    Section the hair from the natural part to the crown, then just behind the ears.

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    Begin the application by applying chosen shades in a pre-selected order to 2-inch to 3-inch segments, creating a strong line at the beginning and end of each shade.

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    Continue working up the head, taking ½- to 1-inch sections. Apply the colors in the same pre-selected order as in the first section that was color. The size of the color blocks will gradually increase as you work up the head and into sections with longer length, but should not necessarily line up to the previous section. Rather, they should be stacked like shingles on a roof. This is key to keeping a consistent line of color once hair is all down.

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    Work up from the ear to the top of the head, taking ½- to 1-inch sections, applying the colors in the same order and same fashion as through the back section. Lay barriers where needed.

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    Process Locked-In for 20 to 30 minutes at room temperature. Rinse with no fear of transfer. Use cool water, then shampoo lightly with VIVIDS Color Protect Shampoo, rinse until the water runs clear. Then follow up with VIVIDS Color Protect Conditioner and VIVIDS Color Protect Sealing Spray.

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