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Last updated: October 19, 2020

Watch: Color Melting & Toning Tips For Color Corrections

This Color Melting Technique Will Save You Time On Your Color Corrections

Watch Schwarzkopf Professional ASK Expert Educator Juli Waits (@hairbyjuliwaits) break down the color melting technique she uses to save time and break up harsh bands when color correcting. Keep scrolling to grab her tips on sectioning, how to ensure a seamless melt and her go-to tool when melting, then watch the full video tutorial above. Plus, check out the finished look and grab the formulas!


Work In Diagonal Sections

Working in diagonal sections when applying a root smudge will result in a softer finish. Applying a root smudge in straight sections will result in harsh lines that the client won’t appreciate, especially if they like to pull their hair up.


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Keep A Comb On Hand

Stylists should keep a specialized color comb or a fine toothed comb handy when color melting. Juli prefers using a fine toothed comb, because there might be areas that need added dimension and it’s easier to create v-shaped pockets in the hair using a fine toothed comb.


Here’s The Final Result On A Client! Tap The Beaker For The Formulas!

open color formula
close formula
  • Formula A

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  • Formula B

    IGORA VIBRANCE® 9-42 + 6-volume IGORA VIBRANCE® Activator Lotion


Achieving The Perfect Blend

Before applying the base color, melt the root smudge down using a comb. When the base color is applied it will blend into the root smudge to produce a natural, third transition color. Once the toners have been applied to the entire section, run a fine toothed comb through the hair to continue melting them together for a seamless blend.


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