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Last updated: November 19, 2019

Watch: Balayage Toning Technique

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Facebook Live: Balayage Toning How-To

It’s not enough just to have the right toning formula for your balayage clients. Where you place the color makes all the difference between if your client is coming back to your chair or ghosting you in 2020. We went live with TIGI® Professional’s Gina Khan (@salonninesf) and Bobby Scott (@thebobbyscott) to talk all things toning and get their expert advice on the application process. Scroll down to watch the video, grab the toning formulas and check out the finished look!

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Watch The Video How-To Below!


Check Out The Finished Look!

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  • Formula A (Root Toner)

    TIGI® Copyright©olour Gloss 2 parts 10/02 + 1 part 8/0 + equal parts 5-volume Developer

  • Formula B (Toner)

    Copyright©olour Gloss 1 part 10/02 + 1 part 8/0 + 1.5 parts of 5-volume Developer


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