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Last updated: October 24, 2017

Thin is Not In: 2 Solutions for Men With Thinning Hair

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Thinning hair happens, and for men, it can happen at any age. As a hair pro, however, you can camouflage his thinning with the right consultation and treatment regimen from Nioxin. In this makeover, Nioxin Top Artist Manny San Martin applies his know-how to give his clients thicker, fuller-looking hair!



Makeover #1
Consultation: During the consultation, Manny determined that Les had fine hair and would be best suited for a Nioxin System 2 Kit.



Prep: After cleansing and conditioning the hair, apply 9 to 10 pumps of Diamax Advanced


Cut: Manny opted to layer the hair very lean against Les’s head on the sides and back. This way the hair would strengthen his features and create a more streamlined head shape. “For the top, I once again layered the hair, which allowed for more length toward the front in order to maintain some styling possibilities for him,” shares Manny.  


Style: Before blow-drying the hair, apply a moderate amount of Nioxin Bodifying Foam with a generous amount of Nioxin Thickening Spray. Blow-dry the hair on top using mostly your fingers against the natural growth pattern for a more expanded result. On the sides and back, dy in the direction of the hair growth for a leaner finish. The spray Nioxin Niospray Regular Hold to add a little more texture to his hair and add lift to the style without weighing the hair down. 



Makeover #2
Consultation: During the consultation, Manny determined that Dennis had a full head of healthy hair, so his main goal was to maintain the hair’s health and keep it fuller-looking.



Prep: Clean the hair with Nioxin Clarifying Cleanser and follow up with Nioxin Scalp Optimizing Conditioner


Cut: For Dennis’s haircut, Manny wanted to create a reduced appearance of weight along the hairline and build up length toward the top by graduating it in a very lean manner.  


Style: Apply a generous amount of Diamax to the top area prior to the blow-dry, then include a quarter sized portion of Bodifying Foam for hold and memory. “During the blow-dry I kept the airflow in the direction of the natural hair growth at the sides and back to keep it close to the head, while on the top I added a Denman style brush for better tension,” shares Manny. “This gives the hair plenty of root lift plus, the heat gave me the expansion I was looking for.” Finish the style with a small amount of Rejuvenating Elixir to add shine and luster to the hair.

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