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Last updated: October 16, 2017

Fine and Thinning Hair…What to Say!

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For most women, thinning hair can be devastating. She wants to look like she has full-bodied hair, but doesn’t quite know how to get her brittle strands to appear thicker. Start by asking the client to tell you about their hair, suggests North American Nioxin Education Manager, Danielle Dickie.



The Consultation
Upon meeting Tracy, Danielle started to discuss her lifestyle and concerns regarding her hair. Here are a few questions she asked—and that you SHOULD ask—to get the answers she needed to properly assess the situation and recommend the right treatment.


Makeover: Hair loss due to stress
Makeover Expert: North American Nioxin Education Manager, Danielle Dickie


Tell me about your hair.
I’m a West Coast girl living on the East Coast. New York is all brunettes and I love being a blonde. My hair is part of my identityit complements my personality.


How important is your hair and what does it say about you?
Hair is really important to me. When I wake up a little early in the morning and spend the time to do my makeup and hair, I feel better all day. I’m more outgoing. When my hair is not right, I feel a little more shy, like I’m not myself.


Was there a moment when you realized there was a problem with your hair?
I regret being so hard on my hair, no one really tells you in high school that you have to take care of it. I got extensions in high school and was in dance and when I got them out, my hair was a mess. My mom took me to her stylist and I got a short cut and my stylist recommended Nioxin to me along with the great cut. It really workedmy hair was growing, felt thicker and for the next six months there was just a lot of positive changes in my life.


I used it for six months, then moved on to other products until six months ago. I was stressed at work and there was a lot going on. I ran my hand through my hair and a chunk of it came out in my hand. For 45 hours, I was hysterical. I thought something was really wrong.


What is it you love about Nioxin?
I went back to Nioxin after the incident. I love the way it feelsit tingles so you know you’re doing something good for yourself and caring for your hair. My hair is as healthy as it can be considering everything I do to it. I’m investing in myself instead of just buying a bottle of shampoo because it smells good and the bottle is pink.


The Result
As Danielle progressed through the NIOXIN 3-step consultation, she identified that not only did Tracy have finer hair strands; but she was also experiencing fewer strands. Approximately 6 months prior, Tracy expressed that she had been under extreme stress at work, and that there was a lot going on in her life. After consulting a physician, who confirmed nothing was wrong; Tracy realized she needed to start focusing on a healthier lifestyle. “Stress and health are two of the top six reasons why people might experience hair loss,” notes Danielle. 


From the consultation, Danielle was also able to learn that Tracy had used Nioxin in the past and had experienced success with it. Therefore, Danielle recommended a regimen of Nioxin System 3 to help Tracy get fuller, thicker hair.



Cleanse, optimize and treat the hair with Nioxin System 3. Based on an advanced skincare approach, Danielle chose Nioxin System 3 for Tracy to support her fine, chemically treated hair. Though Tracy was experiencing an increase in hair fall, she also fit into the normal to thin looking category.


1. Apply NIOXIN Hair Booster to areas of concern. Danielle applied Hair Booster along Tracy’s hairline around her face, concentrating at her recession and part line. This will give protection for the areas experiencing a reduction in density, and can be applied wherever the concerning areas are. It’s important to note that this may change over time.



2. Follow with NIOXIN DIAMAX Advanced, starting at the root area and comb through to the ends to strengthen against breakage. Tracy had stressed and fragile hair, because DIAMAX not only helps strengthen the hair it also increases the hairs diameter so it appears as though the as if you have 11,000 more hair strands. This product is perfect for someone with Tracy’s texture and color regimen.



3. Apply BODIFYING FOAM, concentrating at the root area to give manageable body followed by DEFINITION CREME on midlengths and ends, which will refine the texture and leave the hair soft and shiny. Comb through to ensure product is distributed evenly throughout the hair. Danielle focused BODIFYING FOAM at the root to provide hold while giving volume. She then applied DEFINITION CRÈME to the midlengths and ends to act as an anti-frizz smoothing crème that holds, gives definition and refines texture.



4. Blow-dry the hair on a low heat setting. Start by using your fingers to remove excess moisture and create lift at the root until hair approximately 80 percent dry. Continue drying with a round brush using a gentle rolling technique to reduce tension and stress on the hair.


5. Finish with NIOSPRAY Regular Hold Hairspray.


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