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Last updated: August 03, 2017

3 Thinning Hair Myths Your Clients Believe

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The science behind thinning hair can be difficult to explain to your clients—they only see that their hair is flat, fine or noticeably thinning, and they want a solution. As their trusted hairdresser, it’s up to you to talk them through their options and explain how your recommendations will work.


Each client’s hair is unique, so your recommended approach to their thinning hair solution should be unique, too. Nioxin has system kits designed for six different hair types and issues, and each kit is three steps:


1. Cleanse: Purify the derma of the scalp by removing follicle-clogging sebum.
2. Optimize: Protect hair density by reducing hair loss due to breakage.
3. Treat: Increase the diameter of every hair strand.


Nioxin experts have concluded that if your client uses the appropriate 3-Part System, they’ll see less hair loss due to breakage and fuller-looking hair with amplified texture. Now that you’ve learned about the findings from Nioxin experts and can make an educated recommendation to your client, here are some statements you might hear—and how you can answer them!



According to Nioxin research:


“Washing my hair more frequently will cause it to fall out faster.”
FALSE. You lose about 100 hairs per day. It might appear that more hair is falling out while washing, but daily washing only loosens the hair that is ready to drop, especially if hair is long, according to Nioxin experts. Contrary to this belief, Nioxin experts say that daily washing is thought to actually improve hair growth.


“If I use one step of a 3-Part System, I’ll probably get good results—I don’t need all of the components.” 
FALSE. Only by using all three steps do you receive the benefit of all three technologies, according to Nioxin experts. 


“I know which 3-Part System I need, so I want to stock up on it! My hair needs will likely not change.”
FALSE. Your hair changes through your life. Stress, health, dieting, genetics, pregnancy and environment all influence our hair and skin. As there is constant change in your life, there will be constant change in your hair and skin needs, according to Nioxin experts.


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