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Last updated: October 10, 2023

Smart Fixes for Fine Hair

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Nioxin Top Artist Manny San Martin.


Fine hair and you should care. Why? Because numbers don’t lie. Like, eight out of 10 people want to find the right combination of products for thinning hair, according to the researchers at Nioxin. And, 84% of salon clients say they want to find the right combination of products for thinning hair. Says Nioxin and Sebastian Top Artist Oliver Shortall, “the thinning hair category is actually growing faster than haircolor. It’s a great retail opportunity.” And it’s a great opportunity to solve important and emotional issues for your clients, to give them more confidence.


At a recent soiree to introduce the new Nioxin Night Density Treatment, Shortall was joined by Nioxin Top Artist Manny San Martin for demos and an exchange of ideas on tips and techniques for taking care of clients with fine and thinning hair. As the numbers reveal—that accounts for the majority of clients in your chair!

Over-direct fringe sections for more body, advises Oliver Shortall.


Cut Like This
Always start with a strong perimeter when cutting fine hair, advises Oliver. Then, from the parietal upward, create soft, point-cut layers to encourage movement without removing too much hair. The weight of long hair can cause fine textures to look droopy, so encourage clients to allow you to bring up the length. To create a full-bodied, side-swept fringe, create a triangular section from the top of the head to the recession point on each side, over-direct each subsection to the opposite side of the part, lift to 90 degrees and point- or notch-cut depending on the fullness of the hair.


A little graduation goes a long way on fine curls!



Curly Tips
When it comes to fine, curly hair, says Manny, shorter is better. “Graduate the hair slightly,” he advises. “The shorter hair at the bottom will be stronger and will support the rest of the hair for a fuller look.” Another tip—leave the top layers disconnected from the layers underneath to avoid a boxy shape.


Restore skinny hair all through the night.


Treat Hair While Clients Sleep
Anyone who embraces skin care gets it. Nighttime is the best time to apply great treatment products, because that’s when the body gets busy regenerating itself after the assaults of the day—oxidation, stress, etc. So it stands to reason that’s the best time to boost hair growth, too. That’s why the folks at Nioxin have created Night Density Treatment. Used alone, or along with any of the existing Nioxin Systems, this new formula contains Nioxydine 24, which is basically a healthy brew of anti-oxidants (biotin, ginger root, Vitamin E) that reverses the damage done by day. “It promotes hair density,” explains Oliver, “by reducing hair fall.”


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