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Last updated: November 25, 2020

How To Make Money & Prevent Clients From Using Box Dye

How To Prevent Clients From Using Box Dye Color During Coronavirus
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Moneymaking Service Idea That’ll Stop Clients From Using Box Dye

We’re sure by now you’ve seen your hairdresser friends share a meme similar to this one:


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And with #pandemicbangs currently trending, there’s no saying what clients will do to their hair next. So to ensure her clients don’t resort to box dye while in quarantine, Jennifer Donovan, owner of Le Shag Beauty & Boutique in Kingston, N.Y., is providing guests with at-home, DIY professional color—similar to what @shelleygregoryhair is doing for her gray coverage clients. Keep scrolling to learn EVERYTHING, including how to package the formulas, how to determine pricing and a genius add-on that’ll help you make more money.


DISCLAIMER: Before you start offering this service, check your State Board Rules and Regulations. Some states may have provisions against this type of at-home service.


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Who Qualifies For This Service?

So which clients qualify for at-home, DIY professional color? Jennifer says her team is mixing for root touch-ups, all-over color and glazes as well as conditioning treatments and detox scalp treatments. However, she says they draw the line at double process work or root highlights.



How To Package Pre-Mixed Formulas

For easy, mess-free transport, Jennifer and her team found packing the formulas in Uline moisture-locked snap close containers is the way to go. “All products go in separate containers and clients receive discounts for saving containers and reusing them each time,” she notes.


But because COVID-19 is HIGHLY contagious, here are the extra safety precautions the @leshagbeauty team is taking:

  • One stylist at a time packs color into airtight containers. 
  • One stylist answers orders from home.
  • If at the salon, everyone must wear gloves and masks.


Note: For any new clients who reach out, they are also offering online consultations to help with formulating color.


Instagram via @leshagbeauty


How To (Safely) Get The Formulas To Clients

To avoid person-to-person contact, not only is Jennifer offering to deliver color directly to her clients’ doorsteps BUT they also have the option to either have it mailed to them or have it available for curbside pickup outside the salon.


But remember that genius add-on we mentioned earlier? Here’s where that comes in. Clients will need some direction when it comes to the application so Jennifer is giving them the option to schedule a time to video chat one of her stylists while they apply the color—for a small fee. “It is a $10 minimum and then we are charging approximately $2 a minute after that,” she shares.


Booking Time Online To Talk Clients Through The Application

If the client chooses to purchase a one-on-one live video tutorial, it is crucial to schedule it for the same day they receive their color because it will oxidize! Ideally, you’ll want to set clients up with their stylist but as Jennifer pointed out, it’ll just depend on availability since some stylists are moms at home with their kids.


How Much You Should Charge

At Le Shag Beauty & Boutique, Jennifer says pricing usually starts at $60 and goes as high as $140 for a single process color, which is significantly higher than what she’s charging for this DIY service. “We are charging basic costs starting at $30 for existing clients and going up from there depending on how much color existing clients may need,” she shares.


How To Split The Profit With Your Team

This comes down to personal preference. As the salon owner, Jennifer has decided any and all profits will go toward her employees who are now out of work. “I’m fortunate to be able to hold off for a bit,” she shares. However, she notes that many salons may be able to cover basic costs if they were to try this model. 



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