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Last updated: December 07, 2020

WWYD: Salons Offering Dye + Dash Color Services?

What Would You Do Dye And Dash Color Services Sending Clients Home With Color In Their Hair
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Dye + Dash Services: Salons Sending Clients Home With Color 

We get it. Navigating “the new normal” isn’t easy and hairdressers are dealing with restrictions, scared clients and doing whatever it takes to stay afloat. So, when a member of the BTC community reached out with a question about “dye and dash” services—sending clients home with color on their hair—we posted it on our IG to see what others had to say. Keep reading to see what stylists think about liability, benefits, potential issues and getting through hard times!


Remember, these are not BTC’s opinions on the topic. We are simply here to show you every side of the issue! Please contact your state board for answers on liability and legality for at-home services. 


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“A local salon in our community is advertising for stylists to apply color and the client washes it off at home. They have made a pretty big uproar in our local stylist community as none of us can see this is as a safe practice. They are claiming it is a legal practice. They’ve made claims that they have spoken to their lawyers and insurance company about offering this service and they’ve gotten the ‘ok.’


My question is, is this a common practice? Is this something state board would even approve? I feel like so many things could go wrong having a client leave the salon with color on their hair for them to wash themselves at home. Just curious if this is something that maybe I missed in keeping up with the trends.”



1. Dye + Dash Is OK, But Only For Some Color Services 


“We did it at our salon after we opened back up. The client signs a waiver and we have them set a time after we’re done applying, they leave go home and wash it out once the time’s up. It only applies for single-process color applications though.” – @briannalwallace


“I offer this as a service for root touch-ups at the crown and sides only. The client can stay and wait for it to be rinsed out or leave and rinse when they get home. NEVER for foils. I provide [this] as an in-between service for those clients with gray.” – @cocoshanelle5


“I don’t see why not. I would offer a waiver to say that the client understands the potential risks, for the client to understand when they should wash it off and the maximum amount of time it can stay on if they want to keep it longer, and finally say something that explains how thoroughly they need to wash their hair. Give them a copy and send them off.” – @stella.starfield


“If it’s an all-over color, and they aren’t a crazy client, I don’t see why not. Most color stops processing after 45 mins. Bleach = heck no.” – @svictoria07


“When I did hair, I had a great client that I would squeeze in late night. I would do exactly that, apply her color and we went home. She didn’t have the time to sit and wait for it to process. If you have a person who wants it, why not offer it as long as everyone is in the same page?” – @jessylynn90


“Omg this is kind of brilliant! I would totally tag on an extra hour to fit in three ‘dye dash’ applications! However, it would have to be an established client without bleaching. Excuse me while I go update my menu…” – @kayla_whiteartistry


“I have some clients with vertigo. So I cut them dry and applied their retouch and then put a paper towel on their forehead. Then I put a processing cap on their head and sent them home with a time to wash out.” – @lonn_dean


“I call it a ‘root and run.’ Semi or deposit-only color. Never bleach. Some of my people just don’t have time to sit and process. I only offer this for existing clients who are not changing formulas.” – @dararobertson


Wondering what a waiver should include? BTC has a similar template for at-home color kit waivers. Click here to download.
Disclaimer: If you choose to use our downloadable waiver, please have your attorney review it prior to sending to clients.


2. Don’t Do It! It’s Not Worth The Risk… 


“They are putting professional grade products (that you need a license to buy and use) on a client who is not licensed to use them and then sending them out of a professional setting to wash it out at home without any education on what can happen if something goes wrong? You can’t monitor scalp reactions or color development. You can’t be sure that they won’t get it into their eyes. Man, you’re really just asking to get sued by doing this.” – @cicelydoesmyhair


“So, if they happened to be allergic to it THAT TIME and you sent them home with color on their head how would you feel? What if they got stuck in traffic? That doesn’t even touch on chemical burns. So the obvious is if you get sued you will lose the case. What if the color processes too dark? Now that’s your name on that work.” – @kuts_by_kristal


“In a time where there has already been talk about not even needing a license to do hair this is so dumb. Be a professional! Putting yourself on the line and risking your reputation as a professional…people already say ‘ do hair’…as if it weren’t a legitimate job…no way! Worked too hard for too many years to even consider this!” – @laurie_at_mercedes_salon


“If state board approves of this I would be shocked! I would never let a client leave with color on their head! Another stylist maybe but a client NEVER!! And as a client I wouldn’t want to pay for someone to literally just put color on my head, seems pointless to me and gives the client an excuse to say something went wrong with the color.” – @brittstuchbeauty


“I feel that there’s so many risks. I personally feel that the clients should always be shampooed and blow-dried. You should always check the color before the client leaves. I feel like the client can turn around and sue the salon, the clients can claim that the color isn’t perfect if you don’t see the end result yourself. Definitely not worth the money to let clients leave half finished.” – @cutsby_em


“I would be afraid that if for some reason they were in a car accident, they would have that color in their hair for a very long time. Too long. Also a hospital isn’t [going to] be concerned about rinsing it out right away. There’s never any guarantee that we will have a safe trip home. Not being a debbie downer, just realistic.” – @tamweig


“Well the only thing I’d say is that its not common practice and you’re insurance will not cover you once the client steps out of the building and into their cars. Personally I think its tacky but to each their own.” – @havokhairstudio



3. Be Open-Minded About What Stylists Are Doing To Get Through COVID-19 


“People are trying to do anything to keep their business alive and make money. I don’t blame them. If you don’t want to do it don’t but don’t be upset when people are looking for new ways to help their clients and their business. Hard times.” – @edweniz


“This falls under the MYOB clause… [what] is everyone’s problem with what other people are doing? If these people just focused on themselves and worked hard they [would] find less and less time to complain and point out what everyone else is doing. These are called excuses. Get over it and do you.” – @radicaljason


“I think before COVID-19 it was absolutely frowned upon but nowadays I think there are going to be certain clients that feel better with this because it limits their in-person exposure. But I’m not offering this kind of thing myself. I would just give them a color kit. Not sure how I feel about advertising it.” – @lisalovesruby


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