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Last updated: May 27, 2020

What Would You Do: Losing Clients To Open Salons In Neighboring States?

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Are You Losing Clients To Salons That Are Open In Nearby States?
Worried about losing clients to open salons in neighboring states and counties while waiting for the green light to reopen? You’re not alone. We shared the question with the BTC Community to see if others share the same concern and the comments section popped off! Keep scrolling to see what other stylists had to say about the situation.


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I’m Losing Clients & It’s Very Frustrating

“This happened to me this week. My client told me she was flying to Texas to get her color done because she couldn’t wait….I’m in New Mexico and unfortunately we don’t have an open date. Every state surrounding us is open. It’s extremely frustrating.” – @annaface_revelry 


“I worry more about losing clients to stylists who are willing to work regardless of the state orders in the same town…But I can’t stress about others. It will all play out the way it plays out. I just hope that all of my clients know I am doing the best I can under the circumstances.” – Sarah Mordvinkin 


“I have a couple friends on Facebook planning road trips to go to a different salon.” – @louxaf  


“I’m from Michigan. I have a client who contacted me saying she was going to Florida to see her friend who is also a stylist.” – @abbymeyer19 


“I’m in Illinois and had clients today say they were going to Indiana and Wisconsin since I’m not going to be open until June. I think it’s disrespectful since I’ve been their stylist for 15+ years and they can’t wait two more weeks. I need the income to support my family. It isn’t fair.” – Nicole Kazich


“I haven’t in another state but I did lose one who has gone to another salon that has opened despite closed orders. Good luck.” – @pytlady


“Clients are asking me to go to their homes, to do hair outside and to sneak them in to the salon. So if I follow our state’s rules, I’m afraid they will get impatient and go somewhere else or go to someone who may be doing those things.” – @phillyhair  


I Stand By My Decision Not To Open

“I’m waiting until my state opens, and if clients want to travel out of California, I’m like, ‘Go for it.’ I have a waiting list a few pages long. I’ll weed out the ones who can’t wait and keep the ones following the stay-at-home order. I’m not willing to get sick for them.” – @missmissssy 


I have clients reaching out for me to do their hair at home. I say no of course because I’m not going to break the stay-at-home order or risk the virus on my family. However, I fear they will find a stylist who is willing to do that for them since we’re all out of work.” – @halohair_trishb


“Here in South Dakota our state never closed. Some cities chose to, some salons chose to and some like the salon I work for never closed. With my family’s health interest in mind, I chose to leave the salon in March and do not have a return date in mind yet. I think we owe ourselves respect to be safe and clients who respect us will return when we do…Agree or not, make your choice and stick with it. Those that respect you will be there for you.” – Elisha Kaiser 


“I am in New York, probably the last state open. At this point, if my clients can’t wait for me and go to neighboring states more power to them. I have gotten several phone calls from clients who are not my own to come to their homes to perform services and I have refused. My loyal clients will be the first ones to get appointments as a reward for their loyalty. I don’t want to put myself and all my co-workers at risk by taking random clients.” – @salonbbr



Let Those Clients Go/They’ll Come Back

“I’ve had a few clients go to people who refuse to close during this time and ultimately, I’m using this time to only keep the clients who really bring me joy and want to be in my chair. So I’m not worried! There are plenty of clients to go around and I realize that what people do is not a reflection of us but a reflection of them, and if that doesn’t align with what you feel is right for you then they are better off somewhere else anyway.” – Rachel Hills 


“Let them go. The same ones willing to break stay-at-home orders, travel to other states and not be patient while you follow the law are the same ones who will sit in your chair when they feel ‘a little sick’ and think it’s no big deal. You’ll be fine.” – @haircolorkilla 


“I don’t give a d*mn if I lose impatient clients. Once we are open, if you lose a client another 10 will knock on your door so no worries. Plus, let the ones you lose see the difference on their hair. They will be running back to you once you are open.” – @jackmartincolorist 


“Like they say, they will always come back home lol. Trust no one will take care of them the way you did and if they can’t wait, well, they should not take your energy and time. Save it for your loyal clients.” – @hairtherapist0618 


“If your clients go to another stylist, you don’t want those clients anyway! Once you open you will be busy and have room for new people.” – Leigh Anne Hutton


“I don’t think those clients are lost. They are just using a stopgap until their own salons open back up. They will return when our states deem it safe to reopen.” – @studiothreeseattle


“You always lose the ones who are NOT right for you and your standards. The right people will stay. They never leave or at least they come back. So don’t worry, you will be fine.” – @jamilehpb 


I’m Not Taking Out-Of-State Clients

“Nobody is losing their clients to me because as soon as I see (704)—my neighboring state—pop up on my phone, I let it go to voicemail where they hear I am not taking new clients. I have enough clients to catch up to and enough regulars. Besides that, I’m already booking through July. Granted, I’ve limited the number I’m seeing per day. I have friends who work in my neighboring state that will need their clients when they can go back.” – @looksbylacie  


“Currently reopened in West Virginia and getting calls from Pennsylvania and Maryland. My response is always the same, ‘With the current restrictions, I can barely fit in my existing clients. You need to be patient and wait for your current stylist/colorist!'” – @sclawrence62 


“We opened in Indiana last week. We closely border Illinois and Kentucky. We’ve seen people from both states trying to book—brand new, never seen clients. We aren’t taking the risk unless they are a referral or existing guest. Too much risk in my opinion.” – Chuck Lofton 


“Our salon is not allowing clients from out of state.” – @hairsprayheidi 


“I was one of the first to open in my state. I had so many clients from other stylists who were not open yet asking to get an appointment. I told all of them no. I let these clients know that I am taking care of my loyal clients who have supported me. I also said to them to please, wait for your stylist as I am sure they need you more now than ever! I would want someone to do that for me! We all have to support each other!” – Michelle Mosby Fordham 


“My state is open and I’m a 30-minute drive from a neighboring state that is shut done. I tell anyone who calls from that state that I’m not taking new clients out of respect for fellow cosmetologists out there. That’s the moral thing to do.” – @hairchik34 


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