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Last updated: July 10, 2023

How To Financially Survive Being CLOSED On Saturdays

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5 Tips To Adjust Your Business + Make Money So You Can Have Saturdays OFF!

Imagine—a morning without the smell of latex gloves, time to use the bathroom, no towels insight, a HOT cup of coffee…does this joy really exist?! In an industry dependent on weekend business, is it possible to have financial success without being open on Saturday? For many of us, the option feels impossible. BUT what if we gave you business tips to implement throughout the week that could eliminate a workday on the weekend?!


Keep reading for business advice we compiled from High Performance Stylist (HPS) Founders David and Nicole Barnett that could give you your weekend back while still bringing in the big bucks. Browse the suggestions below, run your numbers and see if incorporating these business tips could set you free on Saturdays! 


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1. Analyze Profit By Each Day Of The Week

Breaking down profit by each workday can lead you to find that although Saturdays are busy, they may not be your big-ticket days.


Saturdays tend to pose roadblocks like shortened business hours or a list of clients who are only available on the weekends—both of which can make the day seem like it is more crucial than it (financially) might be! Try it out, view your profit as day-to-day instead of as a weekly income. What you find may surprise you!


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2. Be Open On Days Your Neighbors Are Not 

If your profit analysis shows you need the Saturday workday, consider being open on a different day instead! For example, a fair amount of salons use Monday as their weekend—but what if you didn’t?


Check out local salons’ hours of operation and get your wheels turning. Opening on days that neighboring salons don’t can gain you clientele while eliminating your business from crazy weekend crowds!


3. Adjust Hours Throughout The Week 

We don’t want you pulling all-nighters just to be off on Saturday—but a few extra hours here and there could make a difference! If Tuesdays are great money-makers for you, extend your hours slightly in the morning or evening to feel out if more clients would want to make it in.


Dedicating a day or two for extended hours (or even just specific appointments) could take the place of the few hours you spend in the salon on Saturdays. Ask around! In your upcoming appointments, see if clients would be interested in weekday booking instead of on Saturdays—after all, it’s their weekend too! 


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4. Understand What Makes Up Your Business Revenue

It’s important to keep in mind that packed books do not guarantee more revenue! Having a clear picture of business revenue is essential before adjusting hours or schedules to compensate being closed on Saturdays. 


Think about it, if your Saturday books are saturated with fewer long appointments as opposed to several shorter services—you need to know which benefits your revenue stream! Run your numbers and take every dollar into consideration, use this as a tool to decide if Saturdays are a profitable business move. 


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5. Ask Yourself These Questions

  • Do I Know How Much It Costs To Be Open?

How much does it cost to flip that OPEN sign on your front door for one day? Consider everything that goes into operating your daily business—utilities, employees, cleaning, even lunch! Take note of EVERYTHING you would spend to be open and compare it to the profit you could make. This can give you a really clear indication if Saturdays are worth your daily opening expenses! 


  • Do I Know How Much I Profit From Each Service?

Strategic booking throughout the week can play a key role in freeing up your Saturday. Prebooking, service deposits and maintenance schedules are great ways to assure your most profitable services are always filled first!


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