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Last updated: November 25, 2020

Coronavirus: How To Make Money While Helping Gray Coverage Clients

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Here’s What You Can Do For Gray Coverage & Retouch Clients 

We know one of your biggest concerns (of many) during this coronavirus pandemic is finding ways to make money. And for some clients—health aside—they worry about the state of their roots post-quarantine. Well, Shelley Gregory (@shelleygregoryhair) has a solution to both!


For gray coverage and retouch clients who were scheduled in the next few weeks, Shelley is offering to drop off the supplies they need along with application instructions for a one-time at-home retouch—for either the same price as the service or for a slightly discounted price. Keep scrolling to learn more!


DISCLAIMER: Before you start offering this service, check your State Board Rules and Regulations. Some states may have provisions against this type of at-home service.


But First, This…
Worried about clients turning to at-home, DIY color once the pandemic is over? Here’s what Shelley has to say: “You don’t want it to seem like it’s so easy for clients, so I’m trying to make it simple but technical, so they realize how hard our job is and how custom their color is so they still come back,” she shares. Her solution helps clients avoid box dye and keeps them going with professional product, so once they return to your chair, you know EXACTLY what you’re working with.


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Start By Sending This Text

First, you’ll need to gauge interest and see if this is something clients would want to do. Shelley says to send a text similar to this:

“I am going to start offering a service after my 15 days of self-quarantine where I pre-mix your color formula and deliver it to you. I will provide the color and full instructions for you on how to apply! I wanted to get you through this unprecedented time without you having to sacrifice your hair. We can AT LEAST cover those sparkles until we are back to normal. Let me know if this is something you are interested in and I will go over details and pricing. Totally understand if you would prefer to just take a break and wait to get back on track in the salon when it reopens!”


What Shelley Gregory shared to her Instagram story // Instagram via @shelleygregoryhair



Have Some Clients Who Are Interested? Text Them This Next

So some clients are interested? Here’s what you say to them next:

“OK so when you are ready to color your hair, I will completely mix your formula and leave it at your doorstep. The price for this will be $___ and you can either Apple Pay or Venmo me. I will be sending you a short video on how to apply your color along with step-by-step instructions that include things like timing. The color oxidizes so when I drop it off you must apply IMMEDIATELY, therefore, schedule a drop off time for when you are ready to apply. I will be dropping off a bowl (with color inside), a tinting brush and gloves.”


Note: Since color oxidizes, make it clear that they’ll have to apply the color immediately once it’s dropped off. That way they can schedule for a time when they are ready to do the application.


Once a time and day is set, Shelley will then leave the kit right at their door so there is no person-to-person contact.



Shelley usually charges $100 for a retouch so she says she’ll either price this delivery service the same OR for a discounted price of $80.


What To Include In The Kit

Here’s what Shelley plans on dropping off to her interested clients (which they’ll have to return at their next appointment):

  • Custom pre-mixed color with full instructions on how to apply
  • A color bowl
  • A tint brush
  • A cap
  • Gloves
  • A short how-to video explaining the application (you can text this to them)


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