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Last updated: December 03, 2020

How To Help Clients With COVID-19 Hair Loss

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Photo via Survivor Corps on Facebook.

75% of Stylists Seeing More Client Hair Loss Than Before COVID-19

Three out of four hairdressers say they’re noticing more clients with hair loss now than before the COVID-19 pandemic, and 63 percent say their clients have experienced hair loss after actually contracting the virus. As your clients’ trusted stylist, it’s important to have solutions when hair loss is evident. Keep reading for ways you can help your clients treat, and even prevent, hair loss, whether they’ve had the virus or they’ve just been super-stressed.


When actress Alyssa Milano tweeted that she was experiencing hair loss after testing positive for COVID-19 antibodies, BTC investigated the science behind this situation.


“Believe it or not, this isn’t directly due to the virus, but because of the body’s response to the severe illness it causes,” said biochemist and systems biologist Dr. Dominic Burg, Chief Scientist at évolis®. Here’s how you can help your clients experiencing hair loss.


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Members of the Survivor Corps Facebook group, where COVID-19 patients share their symptoms and recovery journeys, have posted photos like this with significant hair loss. Photo via Survivor Corps.


Why Does Hair Fall Out After COVID-19?

When fighting infection or disease, the body uses a lot of energy, so it takes resources from non-vital functions such as nail and hair growth and instead used to help the body fight the disease and recover.


As a result, hair follicles enter into the “rest phase” of the hair cycle all at once, instead of in various phases. This type of hair loss is called “telogen effluvium.” It isn’t permanent, but can be jarring and scary for clients.


My Clients Are Seeing More Hair Loss, But None Had The Virus. Why Is That?

Stress is enough to put your hair follicles into reverse, Dr. Burg said. And as we all know, the last six months have been…stressful, to say the least. “Stress hormones are normally useful as they get us ready to fight or flight,” he said.  “Hormones are released, blood glucose is mobilized and ready to feed the muscles and to repair the immune system. Unfortunately, it is often at the expense of hair and nail growth.”


How Can My Clients Stop Or Treat Hair Loss?

The trick here is to target the FGF5 protein, Dr. Burg said. Let’s break it down to the hair biology:


  • FGF5 is a protein that regulates hair length and tells the body to slow hair growth and leave the growth phase to enter the rest phase.
  • Too much of the FGF5 protein can negatively impact hair, causing premature hair loss or causing thinning or slow growth.
  • Blocking FGF5 is scientifically proven to reverse these negative effects, restore hair density, promote new growth and preserve existing strands.


So look for solutions that are based in biology, formulated by hair biologists, that offer functional benefits while also feeling luxurious for clients.


Products that target the FGF5 protein can help with hair loss. Photo courtesy évolis.


What Should I Recommend To Clients Who Are Experiencing Pandemic-Related Hair Loss?

If your client is already noticing hair loss, Dr. Burg recommends they eat plenty of leafy greens, seafood and lean meat for iron, zinc and B vitamins that help healthy hair growth. Then, his next recommendation depends on how severe the hair loss is.


For clients suffering from aggressive hair fall, Dr. Burg recommends the Reverse Activator from évolis. It has unique technology that restores thickness and reduces hair fall up to 82 percent.


Used as part of an overall functional haircare system, like with the évolis Reverse Shampoo and Conditioner, your client will notice less hair fall within 30 days and new hair growth in 60 days, plus protection for their existing hair with added keratin and wheat proteins.


Photo courtesy évolis.


If a client is experiencing less aggressive hair loss, or simply wants to grow their hair longer, faster, he suggests the Promote Activator. It takes hair from short to long 20 percent faster to maximize hair length, and it protects and prevents future damage.


What About Clients Who Are Anxious To Potentially Lose Their Hair?

If your client isn’t yet experiencing hair loss, but has read about the potential for it in the news, or even has family history of hair loss, Dr. Burg recommends using the Prevent Activator. This product focuses on the scalp’s health, maintaining and preserving existing hair. The same dietary suggestions apply to this client as well—regular intake of vitamins through leafy greens, seafoods and lean meat can help!


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