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évolis Professional is a haircare brand that was designed to help reverse hair loss and thinning, promote longer, faster, better hair growth and prevent the signs of aging in the hair and scalp. Its technology achieves this by blocking a hair cycle regulatory protein called FGF5. By doing so, hair stays growing for longer and the hair cycle is restored to its natural length.


Each collection, which either targets regrowth, longer hair or dry scalps, includes an activator:


  • REVERSE Activator targets those suffering from thinning hair, aging hair and aggressive hair fall. It features a propriety blend of natural actives and antioxidants that accelerate hair growth and decrease hair fall while the keratin and wheat protein in its formula strengthen and fortify each strand. 


  • PROMOTE Activator accelerates hair growth, lengthening hair by 20 percent. It features an exclusive propriety blend that’s enhanced with Baobab, which fortifies to protect and prevent future damage while conditioning and hydrating the hair.


  • PREVENT Activator anticipates future thinning and, through its proprietary blend of natural actives and antioxidants. works to preserve and protect each strand. It’s ideal for those with a genetic likelihood of hair thinning, particularly young men.


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