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Last updated: August 13, 2020

Hair Loss Transformations: See The Dramatic Befores & Afters

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How To Wear Natural Hair With Hair Loss

The jaw-dropping before-and-after photos by @theofficialrazorchic (aka Jasmine Collins of Atlanta) are some of the most powerful photos we’ve posted on our Instagram page. That’s why we contacted Jasmine to get her play-by-play of how she helps her clients with moderate to severe hair loss “fall in love with their hair again” and get back on the path to healthy hair.


Jasmine didn’t start out specifically working with clients experiencing hair loss. “I was just posting before-and-after [photos],” she said. “Then people started coming with small cases of alopecia. I kept showing the small cases of alopecia, then people started coming for bigger and bigger issues. Now people come in with no crowns at all. I’m just being obedient to what God is using me for. I had to get out of my own way and let Him lead the way.”



Now, Jasmine has 783k Instagram followers, teaches classes all over the world and has clients that come from across the country for her help.


“They don’t like their hair anymore—it’s been so long since they looked in the mirror and even liked what they saw,” Jasmine said. “It’s life-changing for me to help them see themselves for the first time in so many years.”



What Should Stylists Know About Hair Loss?

“Ninety-eight percent of my clients have damaged hair,” Jasmine said. “They haven’t worn their hair in a very long time and want to finally embrace it. I never knew there were that many people out there suffering in silence and looking for someone to do their real hair.”


Most of Jasmine’s clients have extreme hair loss issues due to traction alopecia and are ready for a change. Many were stuck in a cycle of continuing to wear sew-ins or wigs despite the damage already in place, but then worsening the damage because their hair shouldn’t have been pulled on. “Alopecia starts off the size of a dime or quarter and the more its ignored, the bigger it gets,” Jasmine said. “If you’re already dealing with hair loss issues and then you choose to wear tight braids or sew-ins or wigs for long periods of time, you might as well ride down the highway and throw your money out the window, because no matter what vitamins you take, you’re wasting your money,” she said.


Jasmine’s services help these clients get back to wearing their natural hair and moving forward with healthy hair regimens.



What Questions Should You Ask Before The Transformation?

Jasmine starts with the must-have for any service—a strong consultation.


“I find out what they do for a living, how much time they have, if they have small kids, if they know how to do their own hair and have tools at home,” Jasmine said. “I try to figure out their lifestyle, then I listen to their hair. True hairdressers know that the hair speaks to you and tells you when it needs protein and moisture.”


What Services Do Most Clients Book?

Jasmine creates a custom cut for every client, and also applies color on most clients, even if it’s just a demi-permanent gloss for shine. “An appointment can be anywhere from 3 to 6 hours,” she said. “They are in hair surgery.”



How Do You Create Your Custom Cuts?

With some clients experiencing nearly total hair loss, Jasmine develops a custom cut for each client. “It’s all about paying attention to detail. The structure of a head never changes,” she said. “Everything is still there—the occipital, the parietal, the sections are still there. I may have to pull hair from another section to create the illusion of fullness.”


How Do You Price Your Services?

Jasmine charges per service, a la carte style, because she’s seen situations where stylists bundle services under one price and later figure out they’ve shortchanged themselves. Shampoos and styles cost $135, a cut is $225 and relaxer services start at $150. A typical client who has booked a cut, color and treatments will pay between $500 and $1,000. “Time is money, and I’m a very detailed person,” she said.



How Do Clients Maintain Their Look At Home?

Since Jasmine started the appointment with a strong consultation, she knows exactly how much time and effort each client can dedicate to maintaining their look.


“The shorter the hair, the easier to maintain,” she said. “I recommend not tying their hair up at home, which can stop the blood flow from around the perimeter of the head. I also recommend sleeping on satin pillowcases.”


She tells most clients that a hood dryer and quality shampoo, conditioner and foam wrap will help maintain the custom cut and color she created.


What’s Your Advice To Stylists?

Stay in the know—continue to educate yourself. I know so many stylists stuck in a rut, they don’t take classes, they don’t go to shows. A lot of them work alone, so the only thing they see is what they produce, they’re disconnected,” Jasmine said. “Get in an environment that feeds you to help get those creative juices flowing, whether that’s working under the same roof as others, taking classes, whatever you have to do to get that fire under you again. You are in the position you are in because of the decisions you chose to make in your life—whether you’re doing good, okay or bad—you are the reason for that. To get to a different place, you have to do something you’ve never done before.”