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Last updated: December 13, 2023

Are You Switching Haircare For Cold Weather Months?

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Photo credit: Instagram via @samanthasbeautyconfessions

Why Seasonally Changing Your Clientele’s Haircare Routine Is Important

Changing routines for the winter feels more like a chore than a luxurious habit—that is, until industry educator Samantha Harman (@samanthasbeautyconfessions) dropped her list of go-to tips. Below, learn how to elevate your client’s experience while keeping their dry-season-hair healthy and strong. Take the brittle out of winter and turn your chair into the go-to spot for healing, it-girl results every client will be rebooking.



1. Hair Health-Focused Swaps Stylists Should Do In The Winter

It may sound obvious, but taking a few extra moments to elevate your services in the cold-weather months can drastically improve and protect your client’s hair. 


Educator and Instagram-loved stylist @samanthasbeautyconfessions shares her non-negotiable change-ups she makes in the salon (and at home) when the temperature starts to drop:

  1. Guide Clients To Deep Condition Weekly—It sounds obvious, but most clients fear their hair will “get greasy fast”. Assure them that keeping the scalp and hair very hydrated will not result in dirty hair during the dry months. Samantha uses Rossano Ferretti Parma Dolce Repair & Nourish Hair Mask.
  2. Lower water temperature at the shampoo bowl—Hot water depletes hair of moisture and leaves the cuticle open, aka, increasing chance for brittle hair and breakage.
  3. ALWAYS Use A Leave-In product—”My favorite is Rossano Ferretti Parma Dolce Satin Glow Booster,” says Samantha. “It helps to detangle, protect against heat and reduce moisture loss for a silky, velvety finish.”
  4. Use ONLY Microfiber Towels—Put the cotton towels away for the season. Making this easy swap will reduce friction on fragile hair and cut down on dry time. 


Tap below to watch more of Samantha’s must-do dry hair tricks:

Photo credit: Instagram via @samanthasbeautyconfessions


For this luxury list and more, shop Rossano Ferretti Parma’s full go-to product list here.


2. Use Your Own Hairstyles As Retail Opportunity

Although you may not be putting your client’s hair into a claw clip—simple styles always strike conversation. If your clients are asking about your trendy slick back bun, use this as the PERFECT opportunity to educate them about haircare. 


Below, Samantha shares that applying Rossano Ferretti Parma Regenerating Treatment as her styling product for a sleek look instead of a heavy gel. Showing your clients that healthy haircare options can be used as styling products is a great retail opportunity AND ensures their future visits will always be improving.


Click below for Samantha’s styling step-by-step:




3. Use Pre-Wash Treatments

“If you have dry, damaged or over processed hair—you need to try Rossano Ferretti Parma Prodigio Regenerating Treatment Mask,” says Samantha. The mask contains natural keratin, plant-based fatty acids and panthenol for the ultimate elasticity-producing and moisture locking results.


Here’s how Samantha uses the pre-wash hair mask:

  • Start with 1 to 2 walnut-sized dollops of the mask.
  • When applying, massage the mask into the scalp then through the length. Comb through root to end for even distribution. 
  • Leave on the hair for ten minutes.
  • Shampoo, condition and style as usual. 


Tap through Samantha’s full pre-wash breakdown below:


Photo credit: Instagram via @samanthasbeautyconfessions


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