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Last updated: March 24, 2022

Do This To Elevate Your Client’s Shampoo Experience!

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5 Tips To Pamper Your Clients At The Shampoo Bowl


1. Use Unique Tools For Precision

Spotted in the luxurious Rossano Ferretti Hair Spa: Precision shampoo application. Rossano’s known for his ultra-luxe, super-intimate locations in five-star hotels and his $1,500 haircut (seriously), so he knows a little something about opulence. That’s why stylists in his salons, like Naoko Suzuki (@naokosuzuki), apply the naturally-derived products with unique tools. 


For example, Naoko applies Rossano Ferretti Dolce Repair & Nourish Shampoo with a silicone sponge, targeting the scalp specifically, where the shampoo is most needed. This technique allows for clean application, helps improve the experience and makes the guest feel extra-special.



Use the same approach when applying treatments and techniques, like Naoko does when applying the Rossano Ferretti Dolce Nourishing Mask. Working section by section and using a spatula for application takes the service from ordinary to extraordinary.




2. Give Your Clients A Massage

This is what clients look forward to THE MOST, so don’t skimp! A full scalp massage, and even extending to the neck, makes all the difference. A scalp massage is a crucial part of any service, but can also be a stand-alone feature, such as in a Scalp Facial—ideal for thinning-haired clients.


HOWEVER, heed the advice of @emilymariestephens: Don’t use your nails to scratch the scalp! Using your nails can cause unnecessary friction, breakage, frizz and even irritation that can lead to excess oil production. Instead, use a scalp scrubber.


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3. Incorporate The Senses Into The Experience

At Rossano Ferretti Hair Spas, stylists dispense treatments and masks into small bowls instead of working directly out of the backbar-sized bottles. For example, Naoka places a small amount of Rossano Ferretti Prodigio Regenerating Treatment, a pre-shampoo, in a bowl and allows her client to see and smell the product before application. Including sight and smell into your service helps open up the senses and fully immerses your client into the shampoo service. 



4. Perfect The Towel Wrap

Take one extra step at the bowl and neatly wrap a towel around your client’s hair. This elevates the overall client experience, looks more professional and sets you apart. We want our clients to be comfortable in our chairs, and sitting with wet hair is not that! Learn two ways to perfect the towel wrap here.


Want to take it a step further? Help treatments penetrate more deeply with a hot towel wrap—plus it finishes the shampoo on a luxurious note.



5. Don’t Charge Extra For A Shampoo

There’s been a recent debate amongst stylists on whether a shampoo should be included in a service or charged a la carte. John George (@johnwgeorge) prefers to include a shampoo in his services. The best way to ensure consistent results on your clients is to control the entire process from start to finish, shampoo included! 


Watch @johnwgeorge cleanse his client’s hair!

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