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Last updated: March 08, 2019

Are You Offering This Moneymaking Service?

nail services in salons manicure services salon owners cnd
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Instagram via @theabundantnailtech.

How To Add Nail Services To Your Salon Or Suite

Salon and suite owners, listen up—nail services are hotter than ever, with huge moneymaking potential. Are you offering these services to your guests? We’re breaking down why you need nails, how you can get started and even sharing marketing ideas to get you started. Keep scrolling!


nail services in salons manicure services salon owners cnd
Mary uses this tray to set the tone for a fully sensory spa experience and save costs by controlling portions. Instagram via @theabundantnailtech.


Why Should You Offer Nail Services?

We talked to three members of Team CND, all salon owners, for their three reasons to offer nail services in your hair salon:


  • Because they are part of the total beauty package. “We knew from experience that having multiple services adds value for our clients, especially in today’s world of premium-priced convenience,” says Mary Chhea (@theabundantnailtech), a salon owner in Broomfield, Colo.


  • Because it keeps clients in YOUR salon. “There’s a large demand for qualified nail pros and it rounds out the earning opportunity for a salon, while offering all the services a client may need keeps them in the salon,” says Shelena Robinson (@shelena2002), a salon owner in Crooked River, Ore.


  • Because clients want them. “We began adding nail services to complement the services being offered to our hair clientele and because the services were a direct response to the requests of the existing clientele,” says Cherie Pollard (@globalnailstylist), a salon owner from Australia.


nail services in salons manicure services salon owners cnd
Mary’s salon. Instagram via @theabundantnailtech.


 What Do You Need To Start Servicing Nail Clients?

You may be wondering how to incorporate these services now. Here’s advice from Team CND on the five main factors you should consider:


  • Space: “Evaluate which services you plan to offer,” says Shelena. “This will help you determine if a smaller space will work or a larger space is needed to accommodate pedicures. Space will also be based on how many nail pros you plan to have, and of course you’ll need to consider additional needs like great lighting and ventilation.”


  • Furniture: “We needed a separate sink for nail clients to wash their hands. Instead of a pedestal sink, we got one with storage from Ikea to maximize our small space,” shares Mary. “We considered an all-in-one pedicure/manicure unit, but it wasn’t conducive to offering nail enhancements. We wanted to keep the option open, so we opted for compact, wheeled nail stations and Belava pipeless pedicure chairs.”


  • Products: “The CND product line offers a full circle approach to nail services with products that are not only performance-driven but designed to pamper and delight your clients while creating a solution to their beauty needs,” Shelena says. “Product branding in your salon lends that professional feel and I love the science and education behind the product line. It puts me ahead of the game in the nail knowledge arena.”


  • Nail pros: “I started as one and have employed as many as another three totaling four at the studio peak. I took time finding nail professionals that shared my passion, attention to detail and desire to succeed,” says Cherie.


  • Education: “CND education is super professional with surprising ongoing support. I consider our local educator an unofficial part of my team. Everything they do and stands for aligns with the salon culture I work so hard to create,” Mary shares.


nail services in salons manicure services salon owners cnd
Cherie’s salon. Instagram via @globalnailstylist.


What Are The Benefits To Adding Nail Services?

Let’s break it down:

  • Client loyalty. In Mary’s salon, about 80% of clients stay for both hair and nail services, increasing client retention.


  • Increased revenue. This is an obvious benefit, but really think about how many add-ons come with nail services. “Especially with the increase in nail art and style, the potential for add-on nail services is at an all-time high,” Shelena says.


  • Potential for growth. Cherie opened a bespoke nail studio after the popularity of her salon’s nail services skyrocketed.


  • Salon culture. With opportunities for cross-promotions and a team that works together, Mary says her salon culture is stronger than ever.


How Can You Market Nail Services In Your Salon?

Mary gave us three promotion and business-boosting ideas you can use NOW!


  1. Extend your salon’s client loyalty program across departments. For example, Mary’s salon gives all new clients $5 off their first nail service.
  2. Focus on client customization and offer interdepartmental training so all staff and service providers know how to recommend the right services to their clients.
  3. Host a quarterly contest rewarding the provider with the most cross-service referrals.

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