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Last updated: December 01, 2023

10 Floral Nail Art Designs To Inspire Your Next Mani

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Instagram via @ninanailedit

10 Floral Nail Designs Because You Can Buy Yourself Flowers 

Find yourself taking walks and stopping to smell the flowers more than usual this year? From nature walks to becoming an obsessive plant parent, adding some botanicals to your space can brighten anyone’s mood. So, to keep that petal-pushing energy all year, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite floral nail art designs that aren’t just groundbreaking—they’re down right breathtaking. Scroll down for some serious mani inspo! 


1. Crystal Glass Nail Florals By @nagudziungles 

Instagram via @nagudziungles



2. This Pretty In Pink Rose Set By @sharices_naildesign Using LUXAPOLISH®

Instagram via @sharices_naildesign




3. A Milk Bath Floral Set Of Our Dreams By @amyle.nails 

Instagram via @amyle.nails


4. This Birds Of Paradise Set By @liliyalehetacnd Is Giving Us Vacation Vibes Using CND™



5. Leafy Green Shorties From Nail Art Duo @heynicenails

Instagram via @heynicenails



6. Abstract Glass Florals Because—ART By @spifster 

Instagram via @spifster



7.  This Set By @buffcsjen Is Our Entire 2020 Mood 

Instagram via @buffcsjen


8. This Set By @ninanailedit Is Anything BUT Your Grandma’s Couch

Instagram via @ninanailedit

9. Ethereal Pastel Petals By
Instagram via


10. Artsy Terrazzo Daisies From @beautyworksbyamy

Instagram via @beautyworksbyamy


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