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Last updated: June 09, 2022

13 Nail Art Trends Your Clients Will Ask For This Summer

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Photo Credit: Instagram via @shekando

The Hottest Nail Art of Summer 2022

Summer is here and new trends are getting hot! Your clients will fall in love with each of these creative nail styles. The season of sunshine is a time to spin the color wheel and try new looks. From abstract art to dainty designs, here is the full rundown of all the must-have nails.


1. Summer Flowers

This is not your basic floral nail art. Here, the nude base creates a perfect background for the colorful, floral design to pop against. It has a lively, maximalist vibe, painted on rounded square tips. If your client loves mixing up colors and patterns in the summer, this look is for them.


Instagram via @tamaminails


2. Chocolate & Honey 

Deep, mocha brown is encircled with a contrast of yellow in this trend. It looks best with smooth, rounded tips, to match the ovular design. A client who loves accessorizing with chunky rings might choose this look because it looks so trendy with statement jewelry. 


Instagram via @lacquernailstempe



3. Willow In the Wind

In between sage and olive green, this color from Essie is effortlessly unique. Use this as a base color for a delicate design. With white spots, create the illusion of small flowers. For a client who wants to keep it simple, create this look on their natural nail shape. 


Instagram via @essie


4. Tangerine Twists

Vibrant orange cascades into summer squiggles. The neutral base brings this shade to life. Give it a trendy update by pairing this nail art with an almond shape.


Instagram via @shekando


5. Ocean’s Tide 

Looking for the perfect color to kick off the summer? This royal blue hue imitates a rich, summer sky. Offer this shade for your clients with OPI.


Instagram via @opi


6. Golden Zodiac 

The perfect mani is written in the stars for your client. On a square-shaped nail, blush pink accentuates glittering gold. Recreate this look with their zodiac sign constellation on one nail and their zodiac symbol on the next. Design the rest with gold stars, tiny gems and a signature sparkle nail..


Instagram via @jessica_rae_mua


7. Coastline Current

Pale orange and midnight blue swirl into free-spirited designs. This abstract look is done gracefully on a square-shaped nail, similar to the curves of a coastline.


Instagram via @beaunailss



8. Funky & Fresh

Softened stiletto never goes out of style. Keep it fresh with this funky nail art. Pink and orange smiley faces, half flowers and yin and yang designs give ’70s vibes.


 Instagram via @nailsby.hails


9. Cheery Cherry 

With cherries in season, themed nail art is a must. This pinky, “soft-girl” look can be mastered with the OPI Gel color, “Bare My Soul”.


Instagram via @opi


10. Dreaming in June

Baby blue and cotton candy pink complement one another, with pops of purple and orange. Silver stars dabble on the middle and ring finger, to create a dreamy design. 


Instagram via @julyninetysix


11. Beachside Babe

This warm, neutral shade matches any outfit, no matter where your client’s summer plans take them. Luckily, this look will last! The Essie Gel Couture Line has polishes that won’t chip for 12 days.


Instagram via @essie


12. Strawberry Mango Smoothie

Refreshing colors are designed in blocky swoops, reinventing the abstract nail art trend, which goes well with an oval nail shape. To highlight the decorated nails, keep the remaining nails left simple.


Instagram via @bysarahnailartist


13. Rainforest Green 

Need to manicure a client, fast? Dazzle Dry lacquers will dry in just five minutes, without curing under a UV lamp! Provide your client with long lasting, must-have colors. You can find this vibrant, earthy pigment called “Self Made” from Dazzle Dry. Vegan nail care has never looked this good.


Instagram via @dazzle_dry


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