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Last updated: June 01, 2023

8 Nail Trends You’ll See Everywhere In Summer 2023

summer 2023 nail trends
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Photo Credit: Instagram via @nailsbyzola

Summer 2023’s Nail Trends Include Lots of Chrome

The warmer months are synonymous with brighter, bolder and more playful nail designs. And while that’s no different for summer 2023, we’re going a step further and adding a chromatic touch wherever possible. That’s right, bright and shiny is the name of the nail game for the next few months.


For a full roundup of all of the nail trends beauty-lovers everywhere will be following this summer, read on.


1. Flame Designs

*Insert fire emoji* because summer 2023 will see lots of fire nail trends—literally. Flame nail designs are everywhere right now and they’re coming in all shapes, sizes and colors. From metallic blazes on stiletto nails, to small glows on shorter nails—flame nails are definitely having a moment. See some of our faves here:


Photo Credit: Instagram via @nailsxanalysse


2. Aura Nails

Aura nails have been trending for a while now and it’s for good reason—the ombre effect can incorporate a range of colors and the design works on all nail lengths.


The best part? You can communicate your vibe through your aura nail design. Feeling kind and loving? Opt for a pink aura. Want everyone to know how confident and charismatic you are? Yellow is the nail shade for you. Nail artists are creating the aura nail affect by using an airbrush gun to spray the circle on to each nail. For a more opaque circle, they let the first layer dry and then spray again.


See below for the best aura nails:


Photo Credit: Instagram via @manicuresbymo


3. Chrome Claws

Glazed Donut Nails are getting a bold rebrand this summer as Chrome Nails make their way on to our newsfeeds. While Glazed Donut nails use light colors with a metallic finish, Chrome Nails are using bolder, more opaque shades under the metallic topcoat. Here are some chromatic nail looks we’re loving right now:


Photo Credit: Instagram via @nycnailroom


4. Smiley Faces

Smiley face nail designs are bringing a smile to both our face and nails right now. Emoji-like grins are donning brightly-colored nails of all shapes and lengths and bringing joy along with them. Here’s some smiley nail art to inspire your next manicure:


Photo Credit: Instagram via @nail_sunny


5. Melting Manicures

2022 gave us Water Droplet nails, and now 2023 is giving “Melting Manicures.” Nail artists are creating this 3D nail design by sculpting clear building gels on each nail. See below for some major melted mani inspo:


Photo Credit: Instagram via @tamour_studio


6. Embellished Accents

“Nail bling” is getting a glow up in summer 2023 as we say goodbye to gaudy rhinestoned nails and hello to gold charms, silver studs and pearl adornments. See some of our favorite embellished nail designs here:


Photo Credit: Instagram via @byjuanalvear


7. Pastels

Pastels for summer? Groundbreaking. OK, we know pastel nail colors for the warmer months aren’t exactly a surprising trend, but they’re coming in the shape of French manicures, line designs and a different shade on each finger and even celebrities like Hailey Bieber are joining in. 


See a range of pastel nail designs here:


Photo Credit: Instagram via @tombachik


8. Not Your Mother’s French Manicure

To round out our list of summer 2023 nail trends, we’re seeing French manicures go completely rogue and include asymmetrical nails shapes, metallic shades, and even printed text. Want a French manicure that is a far cry from your mother’s? See below.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @nailsbyzola


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