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Last updated: September 01, 2022

Talk to the Hand: ’90s Nail Art Designs for Your Next Mani

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Throwback Alert: ’90s Nails Are Your Next Mani Inspo

Spiky topknots, claw clips—AS IF! The ’90s are taking over beauty trends and your mani is next on the inspo list. This throwback nail art trend is all about vibrant colors, geometric shapes and retro squiggles. We’ve gathered the top eight looks from this hot trend for you to save for your next nail appointment. Keep scrolling for inspo!



1. It’s Giving: Roller Rink Carpet 

Instagram via @noellefuyunails


2. ’90s Color Palette with ’90s Jewelry? DUH! 

Instagram via @nails_byesther


3. *Grabs Our Lisa Frank Lunchbox

Instagram via @foxicure


4. Immediately Sings Saved By The Bell Theme Song

Instagram via @auranaildesign


5. Stereo Sound Waves

Instagram via @spifster


6. “Chill Pill” Vibes

Instagram via @bluesy_nails


7. “Abstract Designs Are Boring—NOT”

Instagram via @missmelimel29


8. Totally Buggin’ Over These Vibrant Waves 

Instagram via @impekablenails


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Instagram via @banicured_