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Last updated: January 11, 2022

Looking To Add Nail Services To Your Menu? Read This!

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Clients Requesting Manicures? Here’s How To Give Them A Healthy, Long-Lasting Service

Guess what area of beauty products grew massively during the pandemic? *Jeopardy music* …if you guessed nail care, you are CORRECT! Nail care products saw a 218% spike in sales, and we have the info you need to capitalize on this growing trend for your business. Keep reading for everything you need to know about adding nails to your service menu. 


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Why Have Nail Care Sales Spiked?

“With masks covering our faces right now, we are not exactly wearing lipstick, but we ARE paying closer attention to our nails and searching for new and innovative products to make us feel good about our nails,” said Silva Nahabedian (@silva__nahabedian), Director of Education at Dazzle Dry.


What’s Dazzle Dry? It’s a nail lacquer system that is in a category of its own, meaning it isn’t a traditional polish, gel polish or hybrid polish. It’s the only system of its kind that delivers the high performance of gel polish without side effects to the natural nail, performing like a gel but removing like a traditional polish—all with a 5-minute dry time (seriously).


“We saw a massive uptick in the Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer System sales during the quarantine.  Starting in April 2020, our direct-to-consumer sales went through the roof,” Silva said. “It has stayed consistent with a significant amount of growth every month.”


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A Closer Look At Dazzle Dry

We know that to cure long-lasting gel polish, you put your hand in a UV light. Dr. Vivian Valenty, the creator of Dazzle Dry, was the inventor and patent holder for the first UV-curing top coat.  Although this technology was monumental in the ’90s, she quickly became concerned with the potentially harmful effects of UV-curing products. After learning about the FDA’s stance on UVA being a carcinogen, she committed her time to innovate a brand-new technology that did not require UV light and did not contain chemically reactive ingredients, yet still dried in less than 10 minutes.


The result is the Dazzle Dry Nail Lacquer System:

  • Dazzle Dry delivers hard-set manicures and pedicures in 5 minutes without the use of UV/LED lights or reactive chemicals.
  • Stays on natural nails for 7 to 14 days chip-free like a gel.
  • Wipes off with regular polish removers like traditional polish but without causing the nails to turn yellow.
  • It’s the healthiest choice, better for you, better for your nails.


Dazzle Dry is the only nail polish company that is Forbes Verified Brand Official as the Manicure and Pedicure Provider, a prestigious honor the brand has held 3 years in a row. That means the highest Forbes rated spas such as the Four Seasons in Maui, The Phoenician in Arizona, and the Langham in Chicago, offer Dazzle Dry to their guests. The 5-minute dry time allows a guest to schedule back-to-back spa services without the fear of smudging or ruining their fresh mani or pedi.


The five-step Dazzle Dry System has everything you need to come achieve a durable, chip-free manicure. Photo via Instagram @dazzle_dry


Who Is The Ideal Client For Dazzle Dry?

First of all…YOU are the ideal client! “Our hands are our tools, and we use them all day long. They are in and out of the water all the time, and you cannot get anything to last on your nail,” Silva said. “You want to look great, but you do not have time because you are busy. You cannot always find time to get a long-lasting manicure, but do not bother doing your nails with traditional polishes because they don’t last long. Dazzle Dry can help you solve that dilemma without having to resort to artificial enhancements.”


Pro Tip: Nails stained with haircolor? Touch up your mani with Dazzle Dry in between clients. It LITERALLY dries in 5 minutes, so you will be ready to go for your next guest!


How Can I Market Dazzle Dry To My Clients?

We learned through the pandemic that clients appreciate the option to do their own beauty treatments at home, but will often still choose a professional because of the convenience. The Dazzle Dry system appeals to both types of clients.


For in-salon clients:

  • Encourage them to try it out, explaining that they can go straight from their manicure to the massage room without the fear of smudges or dings.
  • Demo the product on yourself or another stylist so the client can see how quickly you can resume touching her hair without being afraid of wet nails!
  • Send the client home with a Dazzle Dry mini kit so they can try it themselves. That way, when they come back to have the full Dazzle Dry manicure in your salon, they can have their own kit at home for possible touch-ups.


For clients who like to DIY:

  • Offer to demo Dazzle Dry in the salon so you can show her how fast it really is!
  • Retail a Dazzle Dry mini kit for her to try at home (up to five at-home manis), explaining that the full kit includes supplies for up to 25 at-home manis.
  • For art-savvy clients, tell her about the Dazzle Dry stamping polishes or the luxurious Nail and Body Care line if she’s looking for self care.


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How Should I Price Dazzle Dry Services?

“On average, Dazzle Dry manicure and pedicure services are priced around 30 to 50 percent higher than the average manicure, depending on your area and what your market will bear,” Silva said. “It takes a little extra time, but it is worth it because your client will have a manicure that will last 7-14 days.  We can gladly help you with pricing suggestions.”


Because salons will often bring on Dazzle Dry as a healthy alternative to traditional or gel polish, Silva suggested pricing it at the same price offered for gel services and give the guest the choice to select which option is best suited for them. 


Is Wholesale Pricing For Dazzle Dry Available?

Wholesale pricing is available for any licensed beauty professional with no minimum purchase requirement.  Beauty pros who want to carry and sell Dazzle Dry can choose between four different opening packages for salons and spas.


As a Dazzle Dry salon, you’ll get marketing support to help you retail the product line, plus Dazzle Dry educators will work with you on how to use and retail the products. When your salon meets the minimum purchase requirement of the System plus 36 colors, you’ll be added to the Dazzle Dry salon locator if all service providers have gone through the complimentary training. This benefit can drive consumers your way when searching for a Dazzle Dry salon in their area.


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