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Last updated: January 29, 2020

8 Valentine’s Day Nail Designs For A Darker Kind Of Love

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Valentine’s Day Nails: 8 Designs That Use Black Nail Polish

If there’s one thing we know about hairdressers, it’s that black is your signature color. So this Valentine’s Day, instead of opting for tried-and-true pink and red hues on the nails, why not go for something on the darker side? Below, we’re sharing eight nail designs that feature black nail polish as dark as your soul so you can still show some love while also staying true to your brand. Check ‘em out!


1. Minimalistic Hearts by @thehangedit 

Instagram via @thehangedit


2. Sultry Smoke by @superflynails using CND™

Instagram via @superflynails


3. Two-Toned Hearts by @imarninails 

Instagram via @imarninails


4. CND™ Educator @nailmegoodtrish Wants You To Bring Out Your Inner Dominatrix

Instagram via @nailmegoodtrish


5. @naomi_misu From @tipsnailbar Has The Perfect Set For Your V-Day Tears—Using CND™

Instagram via @naomi_misu


6. This Set by @buffcsjen & CND™ Reminds Us Of A Sexy Negliee 

Instagram via @buffcsjen


7. When Your Soul Is Black But Your Heart Is Bright by @nailsby_tony

Instagram via @nailsby_tony


8. And Finally—A Set By @lucid.lo.nails At @fingerbangportland For When You DGAF About Valentine’s Day

Instagram via @lucid.lo.nails


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