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Last updated: January 09, 2020

6 Ways To Make Clients Feel Like a Star

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Legendary stylist Oribe knows a thing or two about working with stars. After all, when your clients have the A-list stature of a Jennifer Lopez, you have to go the extra mile. But Oribe, who owns an eponymous salon in Miami, is smart enough to know that red carpet treatment should not, and must not, be limited to chart toppers and Oscar winners. “I treat everyone the same, whether it’s Jennifer Lopez or a soccer mom,” he declares. “A client is a client.?I give everyone my full attention—I make them feel that?my time with them is important and that they are special. When they’re in my chair, I steer them towards looks that are glamorous and sexy. I want to help them discover their beauty. Each client leaves my salon feeling amazing, and that’s the secret to making them feel like a star.”


Are you ready to make your clients feel like red carpet royalty? Here are 6 super service insights from salon owners to cater to celebs and VIPs every single day.


Ted Gibson’s Three Compliment Rule.
At Ted Gibson Salon in New York, every team member’s focus is on making every client feel special. One way is with sincere flattery. Owner Ted Gibson says, “Our goal is to make sure every client receives at least three compliments before leaving the salon, whether it’s about her hair, clothes, shoes, and so on.” He adds, “It’s one of the easiest things you can do to make a client feel important and better about themselves—after all, who doesn’t love to be told they look fabulous?”


Oscar Blandi’s “Impossible Is Only For The Dead” Law.
Most celebrity stylists agree, it’s not about meeting expectations, it’s about exceeding them. Salon owner and celebrity stylist Oscar Blandi agrees. “It’s important to always go above and beyond, because if you don’t, someone else will. This is the core of the business. Consumers today are much savvier then they were 10 to 20 years ago—they know what good service is and they look for it.” Oscar lives by an old adage from one of the most famous luxury hotels in New York City. He explains, “A long time ago I was doing an event with an A-list client at the Waldorf Astoria. Behind the grand ballroom there was a sign for all the employees that read, ‘Ask and we will give. If we can`t, we will go above and beyond to try—the impossible is only for the dead.’”


Sally Hershberger’s Attention To Details.
At Sally Hershberger’s Los Angeles salon, every single detail about each client is logged into the computer, so when the client returns, the staff is ready to wow her. Example? “We offer complimentary drinks,” explains Salon Director Andi Steloff. “Then we make a note of what they order, and when the client comes back, the assistant addresses her by name and asks if she would like the drink that she ordered the last time. Even a small detail like this adds to the perception of value and makes the client feel incredibly special and well taken care of.”



They Say Hello. They Say Goodbye.
Ted Gibson makes sure the lines of communication are always open. “All clients receive a confirmation e-mail after scheduling their appointment and a thank you e-mail after every service,” he says. “We want to make sure that each one knows how much we appreciate their business.” And that’s not all. Checking in right after each service can minimize complaints and head off bad online reviews.


Hershberger Team Members Multi-Task Like Mad.
“That’s not my job?” Um, yes, it is. “At a top salon,” says Hershberger’s Andi Steloff, “there is no such thing as ‘not your job’.” At Hershberger’s, cross-training is mandatory for all junior employees. Color assistants take blow-dry and finishing classes and cutting assistants learn the art of a proper shampoo. “We don’t ever want a client to wait because someone in the salon isn’t trained on a particular service,” says Andi.


Team Gibson Gives A Little More.
Who doesn’t love an unexpected treat? At Ted Gibson, the staff is trained to offer free, luxurious add-ons for every client. “A complimentary hand massage is offered to all of my clients as a part of their service,” says Ted. “This relaxing treatment stimulates the senses and creates a five-star luxury experience.” Free head massages at the shampoo bowl and complimentary makeup touch-ups before the client leaves the salon are all “extras” that cost little but add up to a lot of good will! What’s more, when the client wants to purchase that amazing deep conditioner or blush that she experienced, you’ll profit in more ways than one!

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