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Last updated: December 17, 2018

4 Tips For Removing Weight with a Razor

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 4 Tips for Removing Weight with a Razor

The end of the year means it’s time to ditch the weight! We had a front-row seat at the final Oribe Atelier of 2018, where we snagged some awesome tips on debulking using a razor cutting technique. Keep reading to read razor cutting tips from Oribe Educators Coby Alcantar, Gardner Edmunds and Tony Caldwell and for more photos from the Oribe Atelier Los Angeles!


Why use a razor to remove weight?

“When we think about removing weight with a razor it is less about cutting and more about hair highlighting,” Coby explains. “At Oribe, we really like to teach how to identify the density of the interior of the hair. Using a razor allows you to create depth in the interior of the hair instead of just over texturizing the ends. Since the blade of the razor is so soft, tapering out the hair from a short piece to a longer section is seamless.” Always  remember to evaluate the density and judge each section while working.

Gardner suggests running your hands through the section and moving the hair around just slightly. “Take a step back, look at your section and check for any additional weight that could be removed before moving on,” he adds.


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Oribe Educator Coby Alcantar demonstrates a razor cut on-stage at the Oribe Atelier Los Angeles.


Removing weight at the nape.

To remove any bulk or weight from the hairline at the neck, Coby suggests creating a section at the nape and identifying the dominate center section and allow the hair on either side of the center section to lay naturally. Hold the center section straight out and use the flat end of the blade to texturize. By holding the section straight out while cutting, the hair will naturally lay flat when let go.


oribe, event, haircut, razor-cut, Gardner Edmunds, demonstration
Gardner Edmunds on-stage at the Oribe Atelier Los Angeles


Reconstructing Cowlicks at the Hairline

Have a client with a serious cowlick? Gardner recommends holding the section of hair straight out and using the flat end of the blade to remove as much weight as possible. When moving on into the interior of the hair, Gardner suggests keeping the other sections slightly longer so they lay over the cowlick and the sections will better melt together.


Tony caldwell, haircut, event, oribe, curly hair
Oribe Educator Tony Caldwell shows the audience how to razor cut a client with curly hair.


If Your Client has Curly Hair

What is the best way to remove weight from a client that has a mass amount of curl? “Work with the curl!” Tony exclaimed onstage. Tony advises to use the tip of the razor and gently drag the blade down through to the ends. “You don’t want to remove so much that the curl pops out so start your cut right where the curl begins to bend.” “Always remember that weight removal is about the negative space,” Coby adds. “The more weight you remove the more room those curls have to move and breathe.”


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