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Last updated: August 08, 2017

Pro Fiber—The Hair Care Treatment Of Your Dreams

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It’s all about the technology these days. And L’Oréal Professionnel knows exactly what that means. If you’ve ever struggled to maintain that connection with your clients between salon visits, Pro Fiber from L’Oréal Professionnel is bridging that gap. It’s using technology to keep her connected to her hair, and to you, even during the 6 weeks she isn’t in your chair. So it’s no wonder clients and hairdressers alike can’t wait to get their hands on L’Oréal Professionnel’s NEW Pro Fiber treatment. 


Pro Fiber is on the cutting edge of hair care treatments as it is merging the digital world with the hair world. But what does that mean exactly? It means there is a new Pro Fiber app and it’s everything stylists and clients need in this techy world we live in. When starting the Pro Fiber treatment, a series of questions are available on the app that determine which level of treatment the client needs: Revive (level 1), Restore (level 2) or Recover (level 3). Clients complete these questions alongside their stylist to find their level of damage during the consultation at the salon. After completion, clients also receive an email that confirms their level of damage and reminders to use the take-home portion of Pro Fiber throughout their time between appointments. 


There has never been a hair care treatment plan quite like this. Getting clients involved and keeping their hair healthy for the long term, both hairdressers and consumers alike are seeing and loving the results. BTC got the exclusive scoop about L’Oréal Professionnel Pro Fiber from Celebrity Stylists Ted Gibson and Jason Backe from Ted Gibson Beauty in New York and we are here to tell you—they love it!


BTC: What are some of the benefits about incorporating Pro Fiber into your salon?


Ted: I love it! It’s nice to be able to use a treatment product in the salon that she can actually purchase to take home and then continue the same kind of service level treatment that I provide for her in the salon. Up until now, there hasn’t been anything like this and the results are amazing.


Jason: We have iPads at the front desk so when the guests come into the salon, the first part of their consultation is to go through this application and answer questions about what they do to their hair every day. How often do you brush your hair, how often do you use hot styling tools on your hair? How often do you shampoo your hair? And then there is a section for me to answer. So through the app we are able to really customize for each person in the chair, what kind of treatment they need and if they are a Level 1, a Level 2 or a Level 3 and what does that really mean as far as the kind of damage that she has. So it is a great way to really customize the product, get the guest enrolled in the consultation and have an experience that is really different than other salons.


BTC: What kind of results are you seeing after using Pro Fiber?


Jason: The first thing we like to do is encourage the guest to feel their hair before the treatment and then feel their hair after the treatment. Immediately, she can feel a texture change and see an incredible shine. Its spectacular–the light reflection of the hair.


This before and after shot was taken after ONE USE of the Pro Fiber Recover (level 3) treatment. Done by stylist Brandon at Z Nevaeh Salon, the difference is amazing!


BTC: How do you get new clients to want to try Pro Fiber?


Jason: So far, once everyone sees the app they all kind of want to try it out. I think that people are always excited about what’s new and there is nothing else like this on the market. There is no other conditioning treatment that is going to give 6 weeks of benefits or has the take-home component that will rebuild the treatment you had in the salon.


Ted: We live in a society that’s all about the selfie, right? The app is really making it more personalized for her sitting in the chair so it’s giving her the opportunity to be a part of something special. And, the business aspect of it is phenomenal. Hairdressers don’t always raise their prices and this is a way to add a little bit more to the time that they have behind the chair.


BTC: Can you walk us through the process of the Pro Fiber treatment?


Jason: It is important to know that this is done after the haircolor service. We would shampoo the hair and then use the Renew Activating Masque which is the in-salon portion and we put that through in sections. And the interesting thing about it is that it’s really measured and really precise, so it gives a really beautiful finish to the hair. Then, after it’s finished depositing for a few minutes we can go ahead and rinse and then send her home with the product that she needs to keep her hair fresh between services.



BTC: What’s the price point for incorporating the treatment into your services?


Jason: It really depends on the price point of your salon. We are going to charge a different price for that service. I think all of our treatments start at $70 and, because Pro Fiber has the retail component added to it, we charge $125. That includes the service, the blow-dry and the retail component that they go home with.


*L’Oréal Professionnel suggests adding $30 to $45 depending on where your salon is located. 


“Every single thing we do here at Ted Gibson has the intention of elevating our industry and elevating the hairdresser and I think that’s why we have had such a great relationship with LP,” notes Jason. “As someone who wants to provide something new to my guests, this is a great thing to be able to talk about. It’s a great thing for treatment, a great thing for retail and it’s a great thing for creating a beautiful canvas for me to work on.”


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