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Last updated: September 22, 2017

5 Cut and Color Tips for Fine and Thinning Hair

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We’ve got the best tips from Christopher Dove and John Simpson’s Illusions collection for ReGenesis that will have your client marveling at how thick and full her hair looks!



Get the steps for your skinny-strand clients!


1. Words matter!
A surefire way to win a client over? Don’t point out that she’s not follically-blessed. “For that client, it’s no secret that her hair is fine or thinning,” John says. “”So when you talk to her, make her feel good. I don’t really say ‘fine,’ I say ‘skinny’—when someone says ‘you look skinny,’ you love it!” You can also explain your technique with carefully chosen words, such as “I want to create a shadow to help make your hair look fuller.” Words such as enhancement, lightplay, shadows and texture can convey your idea without making her feel awkward about her hair.


John’s tip when talking styles with fine and thinning clients? Use positive words instead of negative ones!


2. Give your gal some space.
You know your fine-haired lady who wants a swoopy side part but complains that her swoop never stays put? Here’s a cool tip from Chris: “Create ‘parking spaces’ for those strands that you want to stay put,” he says. Leave her front swoop alone, but go to the area of the head where she wants the swoop to hang out. About 1/3 of the way up from the bottom length of where you want the fringe to stay, cut with your razor in a slightly angled direction, pushing the hair where you want it to lay. This channels out some space for your swoopy fringe to take up!


Chris shows off the best techniques for cutting fine and thinning hair.



3. Remember: short hair pushes long hair.
Create movement for your ladies with fine and thinning hair by using this method from Chris. He describes the difference between “puppy teeth” and “shark teeth,” which sounds strange…but makes total sense!



4. Give her a little lift.
Quickly add texture and lift at the crown with this tip from Chris. Take a small section of hair at the crown and go about 1/3 of the way down, away from the roots. Carefully weave a section with your texturizing shears, then cut in three places—that first spot, then halfway down that section, then about three-quarters of the way down, above the ends. This just barely takes out enough hair that those little short pieces you’ve cut will help boost the longer ones. When blow-dried, it will totally lift the crown!


Chris and John led an intimate, hands-on class in Chicago.


5. Create the illusion of fullness.
John’s motto: Light supports dark. Strong color placement between light and dark shades can take the inner texture you’ve created with your cut and amp it up even more. John explains his technique for hair painting below, which helps elongate the hair and gives the appearance of length. He starts by painting a V-shape down each panel just on the surface of the section, but then fully saturates the ends of the V, which creates a panel of lightness below the dark and totally pumps up the voluminous illusion.



Besides offering her the benefits the entire ReGenesis collection has to offer—it helps address breakage and brittleness while targeting low density to promote the look of thicker, fuller hair—you can have some cutting and coloring tricks up your sleeve that make her fine and thinning hair look thick, voluminous and luxurious. We’ve got the best tips from Christopher Dove and John Simpson’s Illusions collection for ReGenesis that will have your client marveling at how thick and full her hair looks!



First, a little ReGenesis history. You’ve probably heard of RevitaLash® Advanced—the eyelash conditioner that, with daily use, provides immediate conditioning benefits leading to improved lash appearance. What started as inspiration from founder Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff’s wife, Gayle, led to the creation of premium products, including RevitaLash Advanced and RevitaBrow Advanced, trusted and loved by millions around the world. Following the success of RevitaLash® Cosmetics, ReGenesis® was created, featuring the same renowned BioPeptin Complex® ingredient used in the lash and brow conditioner, to help take control of aging, fine and thinning hair.


Clients love ReGenesis because it works. But there’s more to hair than just science—you want to get creative, and your clients with fine and thinning hair want to look amazing! Here are tips straight from Christopher and John that will amp up your skinny-stranded clients, which they shared during an intimate hands-on class in Chicago. And the best part? These are totally applicable to ALL your clients, not just those with fine or thinning hair.


Check out all the photos from the ReGenesis event! 

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