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Last updated: May 24, 2017

Stylie One Marketing Automation Service

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When you’re behind the chair, you work hard to make your clients feel as amazing as possible. Staying connected with the ones who aren’t in your chair is just as important, but maintaining those relationships can be hard to do when you have clients in your chair all day long.


Stylie One, the ultimate tool for independent hairstylists, introduced Connect, an easy marketing automation service that allows hairstylists to “set-it-and-forget-it” so they can focus on what they do best: making their clients look and feel beautiful. Now, the entire marketing automation platform is available in their mobile app!


Connect makes it easy for hairstylists to send timely messages to their clients using three primary features—automated marketing messages, email marketing and text message marketing. Now you can set up marketing messages on your phone that will automatically be sent to your clients based on different triggers.


Connect also allows you to send promotional emails and text messages to your clients from your mobile device. These are great for sending timely communications when you’re trying to get more business in the door or re-engage with old clients.


Stylie One offers three filters—first visit, gender and last visit—and once you’ve sent the filter, you’ll see how many clients that particular message will be sent to based on the filter. Then, you can schedule your message for a specific date and time. Stylie One takes care of the rest!


Stylie One is your personal marketing employee working for you every day to send timely messages to your clients. It’s easy to use and easy to love—so spend more time with the clients in your chair by utilizing easy marketing automation!

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