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Last updated: August 08, 2017

8 Ways to Grow a High-Value, High-Profit Hairstyling Business

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It’s no secret that hairstylists have a thirst for greater flexibility and control over where, when and how they work. More and more hairstylists are transitioning into independent ownership every single day, and booth rentals now make up half of the salon business. But how do you build a business that competes on value, not price? Well, we’re about to break it down!


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High-value, high-profit hairstyling businesses share eight common traits, and just like putting a jetpack on your business, these practices fast-track booth rental success and profits. Check out every tip below!


1. Cultivate Your Client List
Treat each client like they’re royalty. Or Kanye. Either way, it’s all about them. 
Here are some ways to make your clients feel awesome:


  • Instead of just asking what the client wants, think about ideas you could bring to the table that could make them look and feel beautiful.
  • Discreetly make notes about what’s going on in their life so you can remember to ask about it in your next appointment.
  • Make the experience as relaxing as possible, offering drinks, magazines or other value.


Your goal? Make each interaction better than the last.



2. Don’t Work With Vampires
As an independent hairstylist, you get to decide how, when and whom you wish to wo
rk with. Get rid of energy-suckers who aren’t worth your time and effort. Vampires include:


  • Peers who are not supportive or overly competitive. Also known as the “frenemy.”
  • Bosses who just want to make a buck off of you and don’t really care about your success.
  • Clients who have unrealistic expectations and drain you of your creative energy.


3. Keep a Portfolio
Want to get new clients? Creating a simple photo album on Facebook or showcasing clients on Instagram can do wonders to attract new clients.
Get in the habit of taking before and after photos, and ask your clients’ permission to share their new looks before posting. (Some might not be comfortable with it). And you know what? Showcasing your new clients can remind existing ones to pay you a visit!


4. Learn & Sell a Product Line

Selling retail is a great way to cash in on some additional revenue.
After your clients invest in a gorgeous new cut, color or style, offer up quality products as hair “insurance” as a way to protect their new ‘do and get the most out of their investment. Another reason to sell retail? Typically, you’ll make a 50 percent commission on each item sold.



5. Let Your Space Reflect Your Vision
Want Kardashian-level clients? Then your workspace shouldn’t look like a Honey Boo Boo set.
Admit it. Part of the reason you left the salon is because you wanted to have control over your space. Use your creative juices to create a space that is pleasant for you and your clients.


6. Offer Online Scheduling
Fill up your calendar faster by making scheduling as easy as a click or tap on any web-enabled device.
If you give clients the flexibility to book when they want to without waiting on a response from you, then you’ll get clients to commit right when they’re feeling gung-ho about getting their hair done instead of fizzling out after playing phone tag. Always remember: Easy to schedule = full calendar!



7. Allow Clients to Pay with Credit Cards
It’s rare if clients carry cash anymore. Don’t make clients pay in a way that’s inconvenient (and often impossible) for them.
By allowing clients to pay with credit cards, you can:


  • Easily upsell clients because they’re not worried about having enough cash.
  • Possibly get bigger tips.
  • Have more security in knowing you’re not carrying around a bunch of cash.


8. Automate Work to Make Life Easier
The whole reason you got into this business is because you love making your clients feel good, right? Well, automate as many business tasks as you can so you can focus on doing what you love—the hair! 
Automate incentives, rewards, marketing campaigns, bookkeeping, appointment-setting, reports and more. You’ll get more time and peace of mind while clients get more value. It’s a win-win.


So, are you ready for a taste of what simple but powerful automation can do for your business? With the right technology you can put your business on autopilot and focus on what you love—making clients look and feel like a million bucks. Give Stylie One a chance to show you what we can do and start running your salon like you’ve always dreamed!


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