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Last updated: August 01, 2017

Stylie One and Square Team Up

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When it comes to making processes easier in the salon, we know you’re all for it. And now that Stylie One announced the release of its advanced integration with Square, it’s easier than ever for independent beauty professionals to keep their entire payment process super easy.


The Deets On Square
Square makes commerce easy for everyone—it starts with a free credit card reader for iPhones, iPads and Android devices, and allows anyone to accept credit cards anywhere and at any time. So when we say Stylie One and Square have teamed up, we mean that independent stylists who use Stylie One now have a super convenient method for processing payments.


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The Best Part
Since Stylie and Square are officially a thing, there are a few key features independent beauty professionals should know. Here is a breakdown for how the app will work with Stylie One users:

  • You can easily track sales in Stylie while processing service payments through Square.
  • You can still manage inventory through Stylie while processing product payments through Square.
  • You can refund payments through the Stylie App with Square.


Basically, Stylie One’s platform will automatically communicate with the Square App. Meaning, even while using Square, stylists can process all payments the same way they always have. Then Square will automatically reopen the Stylie One App and pass along all information about the payment that is important.


Watch this video for everything you need to know!


“Visit any city and you’ll find that barbers, stylists, masseuses, nail technicians or virtually any other independent beauty professional are all using Square,” said Chad Hankinson, CEO of Stylie. “As we showed off our amazing platform nationwide, the top question that we were asked was, ‘Will it work with Square?’ Now that answer is yes!”





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