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Last updated: February 17, 2014

Millennium Systems International Meevo

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Bring your business to the cloud. Meevo® is the multi-million dollar cloud based software created by Millennium Systems International. The new system takes the great concepts in Millennium, the most awarded software in the beauty industry, and brings them to wireless, touch devices in the cloud. This re-engineered, rewritten system makes it more lightweight, fast, portable, and beautiful. Screens were designed by both industry professionals and finalized by a graphics artist. Meevo is something that has never been seen in the beauty industry before!

Key mind-blowing features include:
The Convobar® – Allows you to type what you want and Meevo understands. For example type “haircut today or tomorrow with John, Bob or Suzie” and Meevo renders an appointment book with those days and those people only and finds the first, most logical opening in seconds. Or type in “client information”—Meevo will bring you right into the client information screen. This changes how the front desk interacts with the software—simply type in exactly what you want.

Smart Center Tiles – Mini dashboards allow each user to see in REAL TIME the key numbers they need throughout the day. Things like dollar per hour, number of new guests, retail to service percentage, sales versus goal for today—you can stay on top of what matters. Managers/owners can customize these tiles however they like and put the critical information at their fingertips.
•  Success Center – Never before in the beauty industry, now you have the perfect way to motivate your staff. Imagine what goal setting would be like if the designers of games created the screens and features. The top rating of all our new features comes from goal setting and Success Center design. The Success Center brings gaming into the salon and rewards “players” (staff) who accomplish desired tasks. Tasks are all centered around key metrics that keep the salon thriving.

Smartboards – Beautiful dashboards show you the important indicators for your business over a period of time.  A new, very visual way of looking at your reports.

More cool facts about Meevo
• Designed for touch or keyboard/mouse
• Built to be wireless and mobile
• Works great on a tablet
• Works on PC or Mac
• Many cloud systems feel like “websites” and function like clunky, slow websites. Meevo’s technology handles the hard work and keeps up with you! Bring up multiple screens at once; automatically be notified when an appointment was booked online or on another terminal. It’s like magic in the cloud. We spent millions of dollars just on the engine of Meevo that you will never see but you will enjoy the benefits of on a daily basis.
• Role based security and feature access. Setup your front desk staff to see only what they need to see and nothing more.
• Reporting technology designed by Millennium allows you to run even long range reports without affecting the speed of your daily functions.

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