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Last updated: November 11, 2014

SpaSalon Software from Millennium

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Millennium provides the beauty industry with vital business management software and education. We’re committed to being a valuable and trustworthy partner who offers the tools you need to enhance and continuously grow your salon. Millennium is known for educating owners, stylists and front desk staff on key growth indicators that immediately impact the bottom-line and increase revenue.
Our award-winning product, Millennium SpaSalon Software provides clients access to invaluable data that will increase growth in their salons. The key is focusing on the major growth indicators, checking those crucial benchmarks, and constantly feeding it back to your team. Millennium’s real-time dashboard will easily help you get valuable answers to questions like:
• How many have purchased retail today, this week, or this month?
• Is my Frequency of Visit up this month?
• What is my average ticket price for today?
• How many new clients have I seen this month?
• How many clients have re-booked today?

Millennium is not just another software program. For over 25 years, Millennium has revolutionized the way salon owners run their salon and empower their staff. We are able to design an innovative product with suggestions from tens of thousands of successful clients in over 38 countries to produce the most recognized salon software program available.
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