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Last updated: March 22, 2017

Meevo from Millennium Systems, Intl.

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Millennium has been busy developing a groundbreaking program called Meevo™—beautiful, wireless, and built for anyone and any scenario. Meevo is made for touch-screen, tablets, full-sized PCs/Macs, and is cloud-based, and you can actually communicate with Meevo’s Convobar®. It allows users to type in the requested service, service provider, and dates from anywhere in the system.

Meevo’s Smart Center helps you navigate through the system as it feeds you important live metrics about your business through Smart Tiles. The Smart Center is role-based, so the user only sees what he/she is required to see, and it secures sensitive information based on the user’s job function. Meevo’s Success Center is the most innovative way to motivate your employees and management to pre-book, add on retail sales, and increase profits. It will allow your team to challenge each other to be more productive in the salon.

Additional Meevo “wow” features include:
• It is a website, but does not act like one. Fast and has multi-tasking ability. 
• Live Smart Boards that include growth indicators, Me (Live views of the user’s daily numbers) and retention.
• The ability to save conversations in the Convobar. 
• Pre-booking prompts.

Whether your salon is small or large, Meevo will revolutionize your business. It will create a more organized and productive environment; and the efficiency alone of this system will generate more revenue, immediately impacting your bottom-line. 

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Meevo from Millennium Systems, Intl.