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Last updated: March 22, 2017

Meevo from Millennium Systems International

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Whether you have a salon with 5 chairs or 50, the software you use will determine the level of success you reach. You need software that can navigate your metrics and analytics with ease, motivate and engage your staff, track your retention and build your clientele by making booking a fast and fluid process. With Meevo, from Millennium Systems Intl., you get all of that and more wrapped up in a beautifully designed, fun to explore application that morphs your salon experience—for clients and staff alike—into a uniquely efficient and interactive experience. Available to use on touch-screens, tablets or traditional full-sized PCs and Macs, Meevo stores all of your salon information in the cloud. It’s software uniquely made for your salon! It will create a more organized and productive environment—the efficiency alone of this system will immediately impact your bottom-line.   

Smart Center
A series of Smart Tiles allow you to seamlessly scroll through all of your metrics—giving you a bird’s eye view of all your business needs and the ability to take immediate action when necessary. Being a role-based application, users see the functions or information that is pertinent to themselves alone, and you can customize each Smart Tile to match your business needs. The Smart Center also lets you customize the tiles with your own colors, images and you can even add links to your website and social media platforms.

Success Center
How do you reward your stylists for pre-booking, add-on retail sales or simple acts of kindness like sweeping other stylists’ stations? Meevo’s Success Center is a game changer for the beauty industry, motivating employees like no other software system. With live leaderboards that track totals throughout the day, your staff will know where they stand in comparison to others. Friendly competition will motivate your staff as they are rewarded with prizes, determined by owners or managers, for having successful days! 

With Meevo, booking appointments is a synch. Your clients can call in, tell the receptionist what service they require, what stylist they prefer and their desired date and time. Convobar® takes over from there! Once the receptionist types in those key search words into the Convobar®, it quickly morphs the appointment book to show the availability of that stylist on those desired days or dates given. In addition to these features, the Convobar® contains pre-booking prompts, meaning that in seconds you have the ability to secure future visits and more revenue.

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