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Last updated: April 08, 2016

Meevo By Millennium Systems International

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Millennium Systems International has developed a groundbreaking program derived from decades of client feedback, industry knowledge, and experience. Combine that with some of the smartest developers in the software industry and talented graphic artists, and you have Meevo™—beautiful, wireless, and built for anyone and any scenario. Meevo is made for touch-screen, tablets, full-sized PCs/Macs, and is cloud-based. The most mind-blowing part is that you can actually communicate with Meevo’s Convobar®. Just type what you want it to do and Meevo does it. The Convobar understands commands. It allows users to type in the requested service, service provider, and dates from anywhere in the system.

Meevo’s Smart Center helps you navigate through the system as it feeds you important live metrics about your business through Smart Tiles. Since you can interact with it, not only does it give you a bird’s eye view of your business needs, it also gives you the ability to take immediate action when necessary. The Smart Center is role-based, so the user only sees what he/she is required to see, and it secures sensitive information based on the user’s job function. The best part is that you can customize each Smart Tile to match your business. You can change the shape of the Smart Tiles, brand the Smart Center with your colors/images, and even add links to your website and social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

Meevo’s Success Center is the most innovative way to motivate your employees and management to pre-book, add on retail sales, and increase profits. This is a game changer for the beauty industry. It will allow your team to challenge each other to be more productive in the salon/spa. With leaderboards showing live totals throughout the day, the winners will receive prizes selected by owners or managers. It’s a revolutionary way to bring welcomed competition to your salon or spa.

Additional Meevo “wow” features include:

• It is a website, but does not act like one.
Fast and has multi-tasking ability.
In a business role such as an owner or manager, you need to multi-task all day. For example, having the ability to type out an appointment in the Convobar while in another task.
• Live Smart Boards that include:
KPIs (key performance indicators)
“Me” view (Live views of the user’s daily numbers)

• The ability to save conversations in the Convobar. 
The save feature frees up time on common requests making any hectic day easier.

• The cut and paste or drag-and-drop features to move around appointments.

• Pre-booking prompts.
While in the register and checking out a client, the user is prompted to book the client for another service. In seconds, he/she is generating revenue and securing future revenue.

Whether your salon/spa is small or large, Meevo will revolutionize your business. The simplistic touch interface on top of all the innovative ways to motivate your staff and interact with the system will allow your team to operate on a very high level. It will create a more organized and productive environment; and the efficiency alone of this system will generate more revenue, immediately impacting your bottom-line.
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