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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Power Cloud Repair + Smooth Dryer from amika

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amika has introduced three new prints to its Power Cloud Repair + Smooth Dryer collection—Black Obliphica, Black and Bronze, and White and Orange! Designed with first-to-market technologies, amika’s Power Cloud Repair + Smooth Dryer harnesses the powers of positive and negative ions. Positive ions open the hair’s cuticle, allowing for nutrients and treatments to deeply penetrate the hair, providing conditioning to the greatest degree. The dryer’s negative ion setting works to seal the hair’s cuticle—locking in moisture and creating smooth, frizz-free styles—the ideal setting for everyday blow-drying.

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“The amika Power Cloud Repair + Smooth Dryer not only yields chief results, it’s also at the
peak of visual appeal. This dryer adds a hint of personality to my kit, and is flawless in the
professional salon setting,” states Naeemah LaFond, amika’s Global Artistic Director. “The combination of power and beauty makes this tool a must-have for every stylist.”

For more information, visit www.loveamika.com

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