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Last updated: June 01, 2017

Joico Color Infuse Brown and Copper Shampoos and Conditioners

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This fall, it’s time for the auburnettes to shine…because no one wants dull, droll color. Joico introduces Color Intense Brown and Copper Shampoo and Conditioner to keep your brunettes and rich red tones spicier than ever, without fear of fading.

Color Infuse Brown is formulated specifically to make sure brunettes stay rich. Designed to takes those sweet, golden, honeyed highlights and serve them up with a serous dose of shine and depth. This product won’t cover highlights, instead it enhances warm tones, golden and honey hues, on light and medium brunettes—think Jessica Alba, Selena Gomez and Kerry Washington. Perfect for refreshing natural, even virgin hair (as ends tend to get lighter) providing a natural infusion of color so tones stay even.

Color Infuse Copper is just right for those rich, auburn and ginger beauties. Copper, especially light-colored copper fade quicker than any other shade and the sun will fade ends on even natural copper-reds. Color Infuse infuses hair strands with the perfect amount of copper dyes to enhance lighter copper shades or adds a little copper tone in the case of blonde hair, sealing in the color. Your client’s color will be more vibrant and even, like Nicole Kidman or Amy Adams.

Product Bonus
– Tone-enhancing pigments last through regular shampooing, maintaining more than 85 percent of color vibrancy even after 18 washes.
– Reduces breakage by more than 53 percent. 
– Multi-Spectrum Defense Complex helps protect color against fading.
– Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex delivers root-to-tip repair + protection for healthier hair with every use.

“Color Infuse Brown puts the richness back in, actually filling in the cuticle. As for Color Infuse Copper is perfect to keep her warm, golden-copper ginger that really makes her look natural–even when she’s not,” notes Joico Celebrity Colorist and Spokesperson, Denis de Souza.

for your auburn ladies, lock in those fiery russet, auburn and reddish-blonde tones with Color Infuse Copper Shampoo and Conditioner. Each product is brilliantly formulated to restore heat, intensity and luster to any shade.

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Joico Color Infuse Brown and Copper Shampoos and Conditioners

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