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Last updated: February 06, 2018

Gaga’s Bowie-Inspired Grammy Style

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Lady Gaga set the 2016 Grammy Awards red carpet on fire last Monday with a special look to honor the legendary David Bowie. Created by Celebrity Stylist Frederic Aspiras for L’ANZA Healing Haircare, Gaga’s flaming red locks were the PERFECT tribute. Get the style for your salon! Here’s how:


To begin, Aspiras first washed Lady Gaga’s hair with Keratin Healing Oil Shampoo and Keratin Healing Oil Conditioner. After towel-drying he applied Healing Style Polyester on top of her hair, for texture, volume and shine and then Healing Style Design Foam to the remainder of her hair including the ends.


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Artist: Frederic Aspiras

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Create two hair sections, separating the top from the bottom. Using a small round brush, blow-dry the top back of the hair for further volume.


Blow-dry the lower section with a large round brush to give the style movement and a soft curl.


Using a large 2-inch curling iron, curl the sides towards the back and center, then curl the back of the hair going upwards. Pin each curl with a clip and allow it to cool.


Remove the clips and let the curls drop. Give the hair a light misting of Healing Style Dry Texture Spray and then use a large paddle brush to brush out the curls.


He then applied Healing Style Beach Spray throughout.


Using Healing Style Sculpt Dry Clay, piece and mold the top and sides, controlling flyaways.

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To finish the look and for lasting hold and bounce, apply final misting of Keratin Healing Oil Lustrous Finishing Spray.

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