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March 13, 2019

What Would You Do: When The Blowout Melts Her Hair

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Advice On What To Do When A Client’s Hair Melts During The Blowout

Have you ever had a client’s hair literally melt in your hands while you were blow drying it? This nightmare became a reality for one stylist, but it gets worse. Not only did her client lash out because she refused to run a flat iron through what remained of her hair but then the receptionist sent her home! So, was the stylist wrong for refusing to use the flat iron? Find out what the BTC community had to say below!


Here’s the situation…

A client came in for a blowout, but she had recently gotten over-processed highlights on her Level 3 hair. Instantly in fear that the guest’s hair would not make it through the blowout, the stylist shampooed her strands and ended up with a sink full of broken off hair. She then ran a comb through the hair, causing more to break off. From there she used a vent brush with the blow dryer on a medium heat to gently dry her client’s hair, refusing to use a round brush. The stylist got it as smooth as possible, but the client demanded she use a flat iron. After explaining why she wouldn’t, the client freaked out and then the receptionist demanded she do what the client asked. When the stylist refused again, the client yelled and the receptionist sent her home. So was the stylist in the wrong? (Click here to read the entire question!)


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You Totally Did The Right Thing, No Doubt About It


WWYD What Would You Do Her Hair Started Melting During The Blowout Blow Dry Instagram Facebook Advice Help BTC Community


“When in doubt, you always say no to any service. You did the right thing—don’t doubt your professionalism ever. Learn from it and find a salon that stands with you!” – Gina Secor


“So much about this horrible story will help you in the long run. Every awesome stylist sees this at least once. 1. YOU must learn to be more assertive. 2. You determine your value—don’t let anyone be in charge of your business. 3. Between you and the client you shouldn’t have felt responsible for what another stylist did. Next time, be straight up and if the client doesn’t respect you more, then let them go. Practice different ways to tactfully stand your ground. 4. Lastly, after you think it to death LET IT GO!” – @outsidegirlly41


“No, you did what you had to. Never feel badly about that. Can you imagine how much more angry she would have been with her hair all gone?! I would call your boss and explain your side of the story. Do you booth rent? Then it’s completely in your hands on how you need to proceed with clients. Your boss should have your back…” – Cody Rogo


“You did the right thing. I suggest having waivers made up to prevent any further situations like that. That way, you and the salon are protected. As for the receptionist, unless she is part owner or a stylist herself, she has no authority to tell you how to do your job and I’d tell her where to go.” – @jlbrewr16


“You absolutely did the right thing because if you did do it and her hair broke off, she would have blamed you for it regardless of the fact that she wanted it done. And when people ask her who did her hair, she won’t say, ‘I refused to listen.’ She will just say you did it.” – @colorcreationsbytonistylist


“Sometimes you can not tell what’s going on with a client’s hair until you get in there. Never feel bad for not doing any service you are not comfortable with. Shame on the receptionist and/or owner if they value money from a single service over your value as a stylist to them.” – Cheri Surrell


“REFUSE THAT SERVICE, GIRL! The most I would be willing to do on someone like that is a shampoo/deep condition and they can leave wet! You have the RIGHT to refuse ANY service, not just color services!” – Gina Kish



You Probably Should Have Left Her Hair Alone From The Start


WWYD What Would You Do Her Hair Started Melting During The Blowout Blow Dry Instagram Facebook Advice Help BTC Community


“If you don’t think the service is going to maintain the integrity of your guest’s hair, you should not proceed. Educate the guest on why and set them up with an at-home regimen as well as future appointments to get their hair on track. You should NEVER start a service if it is going to compromise the guest’s hair. A waiver will not hold up in court and it is a waste of time. You are the professional and it is OUR job to set ourselves up for success as well as educate our guests in a professional manner—and sometimes that means saying no.” – @meghanelizabethsutherland


“I wouldn’t have touched it period…I had a guest come in once and she told me she took her mom’s card to get her own lightener and 40-volume developer. She applied it twice and told me it just needed a trim. It was all colors of the sun and when I went to grab the hair tie that held her hair in the bun, it all snapped off into my hand. All of it. From that day forth, I just can’t bring myself to touch hair that damaged. No way, no how.” – Catherine Mary


“You should have refused the service before you washed it. This is why a consult should ALWAYS be done FIRST! No one has to be rude to the client but maybe try to do a treatment and repair services on her and explain that if she wants healthy hair that this is the best option, and to allow it to air dry. Bleach is NEVER supposed to be under a dryer or heat and it needs to be applied correctly. Stop over-processing hair for Instagram pictures. It takes time to get from Level 1 to Level 10 or 11 and it is a process. Don’t lie to the client. If you can’t do the service correctly, stick to what you know! Or education is the best. Don’t over-process and don’t do services you’re not comfortable doing. It’s your career and license.” – Cryprian Chevalier


“That’s why client consultations are priority because when you gave her the consultation, you could have explained the condition of the hair, explained what you plan on doing and let her accept or decline right there. Or you could have declined after the consultation if the hair was in such bad shape.” – @nastassjiathestylist


“I would say your mistake was taking the client. Period. You sound like you knew it was a bad idea to take her in the first place. At the end of the day, the damage done from all the brushing and blow drying and shampooing was probably far more than a flat iron turned to 100° would.” – @poplabhair


“I probably would have taken pictures or showed her with the mirror immediately once it was wet and the damage was visible and then let her feel or tug on a piece and explain how tension would give her a chemical cut. Then, I’d refuse the blow-dry service and offer a reparative treatment or suggest she spend the blowout money on a strengthening product instead. You have to set the boundaries at the beginning otherwise they feel they can demand it, especially if at your salon a hot tool style is included with the blowout, then she may have felt she wasn’t getting what she paid for.” – Taylor Gunn


“Screw the waiver! As the professional you should have stopped when you saw the state of her hair. Period! That customer sounds real suspect! And if the receptionist has that much power, you might want to look into going somewhere else.” – @queen_soulflower


“You did refuse a service, just far too late and without communicating effectively. Let the client flip out if it is what they need to do. You were not the one who did the damage, but you smelled burning hair and continued to apply heat, so you may have to endure some anger from that client. Why you answer to a receptionist where your job is concerned, I have no idea. And what they may or may not tell your boss is not something an outside source can address. I will say that confidence is an important part of being a stylist, and it sounds like yours might be getting undermined in your current situation.” – AJ Bourque



But Also, Who Put The Receptionist In Charge?


WWYD What Would You Do Her Hair Started Melting During The Blowout Blow Dry Instagram Facebook Advice Help BTC Community


“Umm since when do receptionists make the rules? What am I missing here?!” – Sarah Dise


“Um, wait. I’m a receptionist and as such, do not have a license or any training. Therefore, I would never tell one of my stylists how to do their job. Who told that receptionist she could decide what can and cannot be done in the best interest of the client?” – Bethany Guthrie


“The receptionist should have flat ironed her hair if she was so concerned about guest satisfaction.” – @itsbrittsavy


“Everyone was wrong here! Receptionist: for undermining a stylist and fueling the situation. Client: for not listening to your expertise. Stylist: for not taking charge of your own chair. What type of salon let’s a receptionist belittle a stylist in front of clients and tattletale to the boss?” – @chelsea_maurer_


“The receptionist shouldn’t be telling you anything other than who your next client is. The nerve! You did the right thing based on the condition of the client’s hair. And if your boss says anything otherwise, they are fools and you should find another salon to work in. And for the client to see and smell her hair burning but still want more, she’s right in the fool category with the boss and receptionist.” – @courtneyfosterbeauty


“The receptionist did you a favor. Go somewhere else to work.” – @tcolordiva


“First of all, you are always within your legal rights to refuse service if it is to protect the integrity of the hair. Your salon should understand that and expect you to use your best judgement. SECONDLY, a receptionist should never be demanding anything or telling you what to do. Did she go to school? Does she carry a license? No. That is way out of her realm and she needs to get back in her lane. If your boss allows this and doesn’t respect your professional opinion, you need to find a new salon!” – Bridget Burke


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