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Last updated: May 17, 2021

Well, This Looks Interesting: Root Perms For Volume?

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Root Perm: Is This Throwback Service Making A Comeback?

Remember the ’80s when everything was big? Shoulder pads, parachute pants, HAIR! We spotted this video of a root perm service, using perm solution and rods to create lift right at the scalp, from @a.r__p on Instagram. So, we shared it on our Instagram and Facebook and you guys were intrigued to say the least!


Scroll down to see the juicy vid and check out what some of our followers had to say about upgrading this service for today’s client. 


Check Out The Video Below!

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Here’s How Hairdressers Are Using The Technique In 2020:

“I do this as an all over treatment! It’s just a lift at the root, the rods stay in place if they’re secure enough to neutralize. Just like a normal perm, you would rinse before you neutralize. I suggest using rods that have a velcro middle but still have the rubber band attachment. That way, you can roll the hair around the rod and secure the hair under the rubber band so it doesn’t move when rinsed.”  Perfect Image Hair Design 


“This was really popular in the ’80s! We did a ton of them, when there were products available for this kind of service, but you had to use the hexagonal bendy rollers. We still do them in our salon, with normal rollers and the products are a gel solution that is painted on with a tint brush, neutralized in the normal way but only for 10 mins and not applied to the ends after removing the rods like normal.” – Raychel Devine


Here’s What Other Hairdressers Had To Say About This Throwback:

“I used to do this all the time! We wrapped the hair in plastic wrap, leaving only about 2 to 3 inches out at the root. It worked well for refreshing an old perm on long hair or giving a short cut some oomph!” – Sue Wilson Berhalter


“There used to be a special product made for root perms and it was used on the base, maybe 2 inches from the scalp. They were great but only lasted 4 to 6 weeks, as soon as it grew half of an inch, it would grow out completely. 😊” – Caroline Caswell 


“This was before my time (have not said that in a while 🧓🏻!) But this technique looks awesome—I need to try this on someone!” – @rachelwcolorist


“I would try this! I think this is a great technique for giving fine or lifeless hair some volume and lift—like mine!” – @lizkolokouris


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