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Last updated: February 02, 2024

This Haircare Brand Raised $2 Million+ To Improve Education & Promote Gender Equality In Kenya

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Photo Courtesy of AG Care

How This Charity Is Improving Young Girl’s Education In Kenya

 In 2008, nearly 20 years after launching AG Care, Founder Lotte Davis launched “One Girl Can.” The not-for-profit organization is designed to provide some of the world’s most vulnerable, high-potential girls a chance to rise above extreme poverty and gender inequality. It provides young females living in Kenya with education, professional training and mentoring in order to earn a meaningful living.


What started out as a mission close to Lotte’s heart has amounted to a program that now mentors over 11,000 girls annually. Lotte was born in South Africa but fled to Canada when she was young to escape Apartheid. “By the time I was 13, my destiny had been defined by the discovery that significant injustice and inequality existed towards people based on skin color and gender,” she says. “I had an irrepressible desire to help create change in the world.” As a result, One Girl Can was born.


Read on for the charity’s initiatives, strategies and accomplishments thus far. Plus—how you can join the cause.


Here Are “One Girl Can’s” Educational, Professional & Mentorship Initiatives:

In many impoverished parts of the world, public education is not funded after elementary school (Kenya included). And the schooling that is available comes with an expensive price tag. For this reason, One Girl Can provides a range of scholarships and programs designed for high school to post-college aged females.


Education Programs:

Here’s a look at the educational scholarships the organization offers:


  • 690 high school scholarships so girls can have regular access to quality education
  • 425 university scholarships to empower girls to make their own living
  • Vocational scholarships are offered to give immediate access to secure jobs
  • 130+ schools built to provide safe learning environments


Professional Programs:

Here are the trainings One Girl Can offers:


  • Internship programs pair students with businesses in their field of study to provide real-life experience
  • Entrepreneurial Training Academy offers knowledge and support for female entrepreneurs


Want to join the cause? Donate directly to “One Girl Can” here!



A look at all of the charity’s mentor programs:


  • One-on-one mentoring: An online program that trains mentors and mentees to have productive conversations and meetings using coaching, career development tools and resources to accomplish set goals
  • Goal-setting workshops: Taught at all partner schools to build confidence and create a professional plan
  • University Leadership Conference: An annual 2-day conference led by female business professionals to teach financial responsibility, job seeking, entrepreneurial ventures and more


Photo Courtesy of AG Care


How “One Girl Can” Has Positively Impacted Thousands Of Lives In Kenya:

Since 2008, “One Girl Can ” has attributed millions of dollars to bettering the lives of young Kenyan women—here are the exact metrics of their donations:


  • 138 educational facilities built or renovated
  • 1,000+ scholarships awarded
  • 11,000 girls mentored annually
  • AG Care has donated $2.3 million dollars to-date
  • AG Care employees have donated hundreds of volunteer hours of their time to raising funds
  • AG Care donates 10 cents for every liter of product sold
  • AG Care donates 50 cents for every “One Girl Can” special edition Firewall Argan Shine & Flat Iron Spray available at Cosmoprof


Photo Courtesy of AG Care


Want to Help? Here’s What You Can Do For “One Girl Can”:

Are you inspired by Lotte’s efforts? Here’s how you can donate, fundraise and contribute to the “One Girl Can” project:


  • Stock your station with AG Care here.
  • Donate directly to support “One Girl Can’s” initiatives here.
  • Want to join an existing fundraiser or launch your own? Click here for more info.


Photo Courtesy of AG Care

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