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Last updated: October 18, 2017

Curl Secrets REVEALED

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See What Went Down Behind The Scenes at Sexy Hair’s Trend Collection Shoot!


Sexy Hair is getting a huge head start on next year—recently they completed a week-long shoot for their 2017 collection.  “It’s called ‘Express Yourself,’” reveals Vice President of Marketing and Education Jennifer Weiderman. “It’s all about helping the consumer and the stylists express themselves through a variety of looks.”


Rafe Hardy (left) and one of the Express Yourself models


Artistic Creative Director Rafe Hardy says the collection—which includes seven female cut and style models, two males, plus upstyling and curly models—is broken down into three subcategories. “With each look,” says Rafe, “we offer a Demure or day option, a Let it Roar look for evening and an Alter Ego or avant garde look. In the past collections, we’ve shown the red carpet side of Hollywood. With Express Yourself, we’re showing the creative side—kids going to castings, to parties. And with creativity, there is no right or wrong!”


Another “sneak” from Sexy Hair 2017


Led by Rafe, the Sexy team included Director of Education & Shows Stephanie Polanski; Artistic Team Members Dawn Atkinson, Nadirah Volpe and Miguel Marrero; Training Manager Missy Croquart and Director of Training Matthew Calabro. Education for all of the collection cutting and styling techniques will be part of Sexy Hair’s curricula for 2017.


Sexy Hair’s curl forecast is: yes please!


According to Dawn Atkinson, curly textures will be major in 2017, and her blonde, curly style promises to be a standout in the collection. “You can do this look on naturally curly hair that needs a more uniform shape, or on straight hair,” says Dawn. 


Here are her curly tips:


• The best haircut shape is a triangular bob that is wider at the sides and tapered on the ends.  This prevents the curly style from getting too round.


• Work in horizontal sections, beginning at the nape.


• Divide the hair into 1 inch subsections.


• Hold a cone-shaped curling wand horizontally, and spiral each subsection around the wand.


• Alternate the direction in each horizontal section—wrap the first row downward, the next row upward, etc. “This creates a clashing curl effect that prevents the curls from collapsing on themselves,” explains Dawn. “It gives you massive volume!”


• When the curls are completely cool, split each curl in half, emulsify Healthy Sexy Hair Soy Paste between your fingertips and run the paste through the ends of each curl.


• Finish with Healthy Sexy Hair So Touchable Hairspray.


“Girls with curly hair are learning to embrace their textures, thanks to products that give them the option to wear curls that look polished and beautiful!” says Dawn.