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Last updated: March 08, 2024

10 Questions With Celebrity Hairstylist Justine Marjan

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How Justine Marjan Went From In-Salon Stylist To Freelance Celeb & Runway Stylist

Celebrity Hairstylist Justine Marjan (@justinemarjan) has become the go-to hairstylist for a long list of A-list celebrities—Khloe Kardashian, Ashley Graham and Olivia Culpo are just a few who count on Justine to slay their strands for their biggest events. She’s lead countless teams for fashion runways, created some of the most memorable red carpet looks and has partnered with hair industry brands like Great Lengths, Wet Brush and ghd. If celebrity stying is on your career vision board, read on for Justine’s biggest career and hair tips.


Photo Credit: Instagram via @justinemarjan


Describe your hair career in three words: Fun. Surprising. Tiring.


Who was the client that catapulted your career?: Working with Kim Kardashian in 2016 was really pivotal for me and I will forever be grateful that she gave me a chance. After that, it was Khloe Kardashian’s support that I credit for much of my success.


Tangible advice that helped you before you “got big”: I’m still trying to get “big!” The best piece of advice I could give is to be nice to everyone and be helpful to everyone in the room.


What’s your most-worn piece of black clothing?: After working in a salon for the first eight years of my career—where I was forced to wear black—I REALLY embrace not wearing black most of the time now as a freelancer. However, I have a long black Reformation skirt that I’ve been loving right now and Dissh black wide-leg cargo pants.


Who is your dream client?: All of my current clients are a DREAM! I feel so grateful to work with such kind, fun and beautiful clients like Ashley Graham, Kristin Cavallari, Ella Balinska, Khloe Kardashian, Karol G and Dorit Kemsley. I’d love to work with Selena Gomez, Blake Lively and JLo.


Here are some of the most memorable styles Justine has created:

Ashley Graham | Photo Credit: Instagram via @justinemarjan


What advice would you give to stylists who want to work with brands?: Post about your favorite brands authentically as if it’s an audition to show them what you are capable of. Make sure to produce quality content and be generous with your tags and commenting on their posts.


One hair tip everyone can live by?: Be gentle with your hair when it is wet as it is so much more fragile!


Favorite look you’ve ever created?: Every Ashley Graham Met Gala look we’ve done together. So grateful to create such fun and unique looks together.


Weirdest thing in your hair kit?: A toothbrush.


What are your tips for balancing life and work?: Know that you don’t have to crush every aspect of your life at all times and balance is a myth. Life is an ebb and flow and there will be times where work is the focus, times where family is the focus and times where health is a focus, etc. We can’t expect ourselves to excel at all areas all the time and it’s OK for some areas to take a back seat while we focus on others.


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