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Last updated: October 16, 2017

Fangirling Over Fashion Week? Same. Read These 5 Backstage Tips For Your FW Fix

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Do you have your OOTD ready? We know your favorite celebs and A-list models do—because New York Fashion Week is here! While we’re running around NYC catching everything that’s on-trend and straight from the catwalks, we gathered five tips from our most-clicked Fashion Week articles to keep you up to speed on everything editorial in the meantime. Check ‘em out and keep watching our Instagram for the inside look on this season’s hottest styles and all the backstage chaos.

1. How Lead Stylists Deal When There’s Just TOO MUCH HAIR
When a designer wants models to have minimal volume, it can be hard to achieve on girls with a lot of hair. So conceal it! Lead stylist Jon Reyman for Aveda created a small ponytail in the back of his models’ head and under their hair at the HELLESSY show, and Paul Hanlon for Moroccanoil® gave his thick-haired girls a small braid underneath to reduce volume at the Vera Wang show. These two techniques help hide the bulk and give the finished look a lighter feel.
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2. The Secret To Flawless (and CREASELESS) Hair
The worst thing that could happen to your hard-won style? Clip creases. To help keep you stylin’ on the quick, it’s time to pull out those Creaseless Clips.. They’re perfect for holding down flyaway hair while putting on makeup—making them a backstage favorite at fashion and runway shows. Is she getting ready for a big party? She wants the works? No prob. You can hold her hair just where you’d like without the hassle.


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3. The GoPro Secret
Wear—or have an assistant wear—a small GoPro or another video camera when creating looks so that you can go back and review exactly how it was done. More detailed than notes or photos, real-time footage is a great learning tool you can refer back to again and again said Antonio Corral Calero for Moroccanoil at the Cushnie et Ochs SS ’15 show.
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4. The Hair and Fashion Connection
“As a hairstylist, we might not feel as attached to fashion…but we should be. We have the honor and responsibility to give someone more confidence in their daily life,” says TIGI® U.S. Session Director Adriana Papaleo. That should mean you’re keeping up with the latest styles and trends. Social media has given everyone a platform to stay as connected as can be. Fashion is more attainable than ever before, and you can use that to your advantage.
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5. Orlando Pita’s (Super-Easy!) Catwalk Cheat
When creating looks for a runway show, part the hair in a V-shape in the back and bring the
sides forward. This will prevent gaps in the hair as the model walks down the runway.


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