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Last updated: September 23, 2019

This Is The Top Hair Tool We Spotted Backstage At NYFW

dyson supersonic professional hair dryer backstage at nyfw
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Backstage at Kate Spade. Photo: Lauren Rees

BTC just got back from covering 35 shows in just 5 days at New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2020, which means we see it ALL. We talk to every lead hairdresser, we see every product applied and we know exactly what tools stylists are using—regardless of the companies sponsoring shows. After hitting the backstage prep season after season, and getting a glimpse into the kits of key hairdressers like Antoinette Beenders, Odile Gilbert, Laurent Philippon, Gary Gill, Bob Recine and James Pecis, here’s the top tool we spotted backstage.


dyson supersonic blow dryer backstage brandon maxwell runway hair
Bob Recine backstage at Brandon Maxwell. Photo: Steph Bong


The Dyson Supersonic™ hair dryer professional edition is the No. 1 item we saw backstage. The versatile tool was used to create volume, stretch natural curls, finish “wet” looks and set wave patterns. We talked to key hairdressers to find out why they reach for this tool again and again—keep reading!


dyson supersonic professional hair dryer backstage at nyfw
Backstage at Jonathan Cohen, a peek at Laurent Philippon’s kit. Photo: Steph Bong


Precision Is Key

When you’re working backstage in crammed quarters and have minutes to style a model, the precision capabilities of the Dyson Supersonic™ professional edition are unmatched. The Professional Concentrator, available only to licensed hairdressers, offers a blade of high-powered air that can be directed exactly where it’s needed. “For us it’s about speed and being precise. We use the pro nozzle because it’s more condensed, direct air,” James said backstage at Kate Spade. For example, when a model comes in with a natural side part but the look requires a severe center parting, the Dyson is great for redirecting the hair quickly and easily.


dyson supersonic professional hair dryer backstage at nyfw
Backstage at Kate Spade. Photo by Steph Bong.


Air Speed and Heat Level Can Be Customized

The fashion world is embracing more diverse models—all backgrounds, ages and hair types are represented on runways now. And that means many, many different hair types to work with. The Dyson Supersonic™ professional edition is fully customizable, so you can adjust the airflow and heat settings to reflect the hair in your chair. Add in the different magnetic attachments, and the customization increases.


Here are some ways we saw the Dyson being customized backstage:


  • Antoinette Beenders used the Professional Concentrator with low heat and low airflow to create ultra-shiny, slicked hair at the Naeem Khan “I like that I can have a very low heat and a low speed,” she said. “I have more control over both.”


Backstage at Naeem Kahn with Antoinette Beenders. Photo by Lauren Rees.


  • Backstage at Pyer Moss, Jon Reyman used the Wide Tooth Comb attachment to stretch models’ curls before braiding.


Backstage at Pyer Moss with Jon Reyman. Photo courtesy Dyson Hair.


  • At Christian Siriano, key hairdresser Odile Gilbert snapped the Gentle Air attachment to her Dyson to quickly but gently dry product into models’ hair. This attachment lessens the airflow even more for ultra-gentle styling.


dyson supersonic professional hair dryer backstage at nyfw
Odile Gilbert backstage at Christian Siriano. Photo courtesy Dyson.


  • We also spotted the Gentle Air attachment at 3.1 Phillip Lim, where key hairdresser Gary Gill maintained the look of slightly wet hair without the hair actually being wet. At the same show, stylists were using the Diffuser Attachment and the Professional Concentrator depending on hair type.


Backstage at 3.1 Phillip Lim with Gary Gill. Photo courtesy Dyson Hair.


  • James is obsessed with the Diffuser attachment. “Inside the diffuser’s plastic shell is metal mesh. The thing that makes the diffuser good is that it gets hot without any air,” he said. “It’s a very good diffuser, hands down the best one on the market.” His team used this attachment to set styles at Kate Spade, and we spotted it in heavy use by Frank Rizzieri’s team backstage at Tibi for amping up curls without frizz.



Backstage at Kate Spade. Photo: Steph Bong


Hair Stays Healthy

With growing model diversity and a huge variety of hairtypes backstage, hairdressers are more concerned than ever about maintaining models’ hair health. We heard time and again that hairdressers were avoiding super-hot heat styling because they know models’ hair gets put through the wringer during Fashion Week. The Dyson Supersonic™ professional edition has intelligent heat control—it measures the temperature 40 times a second to prevent extreme heat damage. This is crucial for hairdressers backstage, said Kristjan Hayden at Deveaux, where a few models had natural gray hair. Kristjan said he can use the Dyson on fragile gray hair without fear of damage or yellowing—and he always carries three Dysons in his kit!


dyson supersonic professional hair dryer backstage at nyfw
Backstage at Prabal Gurung with Laurent Philippon. Photo courtesy Dyson Hair.

The Design Is Unmatched

Hairdressing is one of the industries that is toughest on our bodies. Standing for hours aside, you’re also holding tools all the time, often in strange positions (we know, it’s hard to maintain good posture when you are on your 100th foil!) Think about the sound of your blow dryer—and imagine that, multiplied by 15, in a tiny space. That’s often the sound backstage. “We have to respect our hearing and we have to respect our health,” Kristjan said. The Dyson Supersonic™ professional edition is acoustically tuned and QUIET—the motor is tuned to produce one inaudible frequency. Plus it’s ergonomically designed, so it’s easier on your body in the long run.


dyson supersonic professional hair dryer backstage at nyfw
Backstage at Devaux, led by Kristjan Hayden. Photo: Lauren Rees


Multiple hairdressers also told us they like how easy it fits into their kits. James and his team travel with nine or 10 bags for editorial and session work. “I’m a huge fan. I use it every day in my work, we always carry two,” he said. “I like how quiet it is. It fits in my kit. We carry so many bags that fitting in my kit is huge.”


dyson supersonic professional hair dryer backstage at nyfw
Backstage at Kate Spade with James Pecis. Photo courtesy Dyson Hair.


The Warranty Is a Great Safety Net

A few hairdressers we saw backstage mentioned the Dyson warranty, which is so crucial for a tool you’re using all the time and tossing in a bag for multiple shows a day. When you purchase a Dyson Supersonic™ professional edition, it comes with a 2-year warranty for all parts and labor—fantastic peace of mind!



The Tool Is Constantly Being Improved

Since the launch of the Supersonic™, Dyson engineered a professional version strictly for salon pros with improvements like longer cords and re-engineered nozzles. The company also just added the Wide Tooth Comb and Gentle Air attachments (sold separately), with plans for more attachments in the future. And Dyson analyzed 1,010 miles of real hair in the creation of the Supersonic. Hairdressers gravitate towards new technology and the latest edition, and many love that the company continues to innovate and improve to make the tool easier to use for pros.