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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Balayage The Brazilian Way With These 4 Tips

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4 Tips For Balayaging The Brazilian Way

If anyone has mastered the art of creating healthy and bright dimensional balayage, it’s the Brazilians. They’re so skilled at hair painting that Brazilian balayage rose to the top this year as one of the most popular haircolor trends. So while attending (and presenting at) THE BTC SHOW 2018, Mario Henrique (@mariohenriqueoficial) went live to show the technique his 411k Instagram followers can’t get enough of. Keep scrolling to get the top four tips he shared, then click here to purchase the full livestream!


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1. Blend With Your Hands Instead Of A Brush



Mario paints using his brush-free balayage technique, aka he only uses his hands! Cover your gloved palms with lightener and heavily saturate the midlengths and ends both on the surface and underneath. Then, gently feather the lightener up with your palms and surface paint only to avoid a line of demarcation. This gives him more control and ensures everything is perfectly blended and soft.


2. Hand Positioning Is Key



If you watch closely, you’ll notice that Mario always paints with his fingers pointing up and his palm facing the ground. Not only does this help him diffuse the lightener for a better blend overall but it allows him to better detail near the roots where the most softness is needed. 



3. Painting The Nape



When working along the nape, Mario first has his client sit nearly all the way reclined in the salon chair so that they are looking up while he paints. Why? It helps him get better tension because he’s able to hold the hair taut while he paints.


4. Adjust The Weave Toward The Top



Generally, Mario works with zigzag partings because it leaves contrast and boldness throughout the hair. Once you reach the top of the occipital bone—or when the hair becomes finer—Mario recommends you stop separating the zigzag sections in half and instead address it one section at a time. As you work your way up the head, take finer weaves and continue painting.


Check out the finished look below, and tap the beaker for the formula!

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  • Formula A:

    TRUSS Professional Air Libre Bleaching Powder + 20-volume developer + TRUSS 8X Powder (1:1.5)

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