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Last updated: June 17, 2019

Master The Brazilian Balayage With These 4 Tips

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These 4 Tips Will Help You Master The Brazilian Balayage

If there’s one haircolor trend that rose to the top spot this year, it’s the Brazilian balayage. So we invited The Brazilians, aka TRUSS Professional’s Mickey Colon Jr., Mario Henrique, Eduardo Nunes, Philip Foresto and Glayda Artuso, to take THE BTC SHOW stage for the first time ever so they could share the secrets behind those bold money pieces, seamless blends and healthy shine. Here are four tips that will help you master the Brazilian balayage technique!


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1. Mario’s Brush-Free Balayage Technique



All it takes is one glance at Mario’s Instagram to know that his signature is seamlessly blended balayage from roots to ends, which he creates using a brush-free technique. Here’s what he does:

  • First, he’ll take zigzag sections because it leaves a lot of contrast and boldness throughout the hair.


  • Then, using his hands, he heavily saturates the midlengths and ends with lightener both on the surface and underneath the hair.


  • From there, he gently uses the palm of his hand to feather the lightener up toward the root on the surface only to keep the blend soft and to prevent demarcation lines.


2. From Brunette To Bright Blonde—The Healthy Way



For brunettes who crave a bright Brazilian balayage, the key is to lighten her strands without causing extreme damage. Eduardo likes to take back-to-back extremely thin horizontal slices and will vary the amount of teasing on each. So he starts by lightly teasing the first slice, then he’ll increase the amount he teases with each new foil. When he does this technique, Eduardo says he also likes to treat the hair before and after with TRUSS Professional K Recovery to ensure the hair is extremely healthy.


Pro Tip: Don’t neglect the nape. While the face-framing area is the focal point, Eduardo says the nape is just as important because when a client pulls her hair up, there needs to be lightness visible there, too. 


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3. Use Shadow Roots To Your Advantage



Shadow roots can do more than create lived-in dimension. To Philip, they are a personal technique that is quick, easy and make a big difference in the finished result. Is the money piece a little too bold and looking borderline unnatural? Use a shadow root to create a softer transition. Does your client have pre-existing highlights? A shadow root is a great technique for blurring the harsh lines left from the grow out. 


4. Keep Things Seamless & Shiny, Not Spotty



When balayaging in the back, Glayda freehand-paints diagonal sections because it helps keep this area clean while she works and helps to avoid spotting/lines of demarcation. And the secret behind those shiny, healthy strands in every photo of Brazilian balayage? Always finishing with a treatment system. Glayda’s go-to is TRUSS Professional Miracle Fast Repair—not only does it promote deep restoration of shine but it also adds softness and elasticity to the hair.


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